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Book – Why the Brain Buys

For decades, sales book authors have been writing about their own personal experiences and anecdotes which can’t be verified. The highly unique situations cited in those books offer little guidance in general.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of books on sales techniques. New books on sales keep getting published. Why do we need another book? What problems does the new book address?

Traditional sales books all focus on how to ask questions, handle rejections, create value propositions, show features and benefits, etc. The main flaw of this approach is that it focuses primarily on the conscious decisions and techniques. This is why more and more sales books are published every week, but they don’t seem to make an impact.

If the majority of our decisions are made unconsciously, we need to understand how the unconscious mind makes buying decisions. Traditional sales books miss the crucial part of the selling process which is why the brain makes buying decisions.

The Neuroscience of Sales and Marketing

Neuroscience research has shown that emotion and intuition are the primary driving forces of our decisions. Without a fully functional limbic system, we simply can’t make decisions, including buying decisions. Our emotions create many unconscious biases. Those biases have a strong influence on our buying decisions.

In his upcoming book, “Why the Brain Buys,” Dr. Wu will discuss many subtle and invisible influences that can make or break a sale. All those influences are discovered through research in Neuroscience, Psychology, Economics and Data Science. For the first time, real science will be brought to sales. When your sales process is powered by science, it is more reliable and predictable.

Marketing Keynote Speaker – The Neuroscience of Marketing – Neuromarketing is transforming advertising and marketing from an art to a science. Successful companies, including Google, Amazon and Facebook, are harnessing its power. Businesses of all sizes in all industries avoid wasteful spending and persuade their customers better.
Neuro Sales Keynote Speaker – Consumers’ buying decisions are influenced by many invisible factors. Understanding how the brain makes buying decisions is the most crucial part of selling.
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