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Optimize Customer Experience to Boost Sales

It takes less than 1 second for potential customers to decide whether to trust your business. If your sales and marketing decisions are all based on your personal preferences, you have little chance in winning their trust.

Font choices are all about ease of reading. In a research study, subjects were asked to read instructions for a task. One group got instructions in a simple, clean text font. The other group saw a complex-looking font.

Neuromarketing User Experience Optimization

Both groups were asked to estimate how long the task would take. The group seeing the simple font predicted it would take less than half as long as the group seeing the complex font. Hard to read fonts demand more mental processing. The fast-thinking brain always prefers something simple in order to take action.

Optimize Online User Experience with Neuro Web Design

The instant your potential customers land on your website, they unconsciously make a quick judgment about whether they should stay or leave. Websites that are slow to download, heavy with large photos, and thin on content often turn visitors away within 10-15 seconds.

From a glance at your website, they also make a fast evaluation of your credibility, trustworthiness and reputation. Neuroscience research has revealed that these intuitive decisions made by your visitors have enormous influence on whether they choose your company or your competitors. With competition on the internet becoming more fierce, consumers have more choices in picking the websites that impress them the most. User experience optimization is the ultimate way to separate websites apart.

Optimize Customer Experience for Offline Shopping

Our experience comes from our senses. Our 5 major senses interact with each other and influence each other. What we feel, see, smell, touch and taste can unconsciously influence our decisions and judgments. For example, many supermarkets have an in-store bakery. The bakery releases aromas that make shoppers hungry. Hungry shoppers buy more. A research study found that the background music in a wine store could influence shoppers’ purchases. Compared to pop music, classical music makes shoppers buy more expensive wines.

By understanding how our senses influence our unconscious decisions, Neuromarketing helps businesses create better customer experiences. Better experiences increase sales.

Neuromarketing Enhances User Experience Effortlessly

Consumers are bombarded with advertisements everyday, everywhere. They’re skeptical and often suspicious. That’s why subtlety and finesse are so important to creating a better experience for customers online and offline. Brute force techniques interfere with a positive user experience and can trigger negative decisions. That’s why just applying a few Neuromarketing tips often backfires. It takes expertise and experience to weave decision triggers seamlessly into the whole customer experience.

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