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Dr. Terry Wu ~ Neuroscientist, Speaker, and Consultant

Dr. Wu distills the Neuroscience of Human Behavior and turns it into actionable insights for salespeople, leaders, and businesses.

In the sales training industry, speakers and trainers only teach salespeople how to sell, not Why People Buy. Similarly, in the leadership development industry, speakers and trainers only teach leaders how to lead, not Why People Follow.

There is little evidence demonstrating what they teach works. They keep coming up with new spins of the same old content.

The sales training industry doesn’t prepare salespeople to produce predictable and desirable outcomes, leaving selling to chance. The leadership development industry didn’t prepare leaders to face the challenges brought by the pandemic, causing widespread failures.

Dr. Terry Wu Neuroscience of Selling Trainer Speaker

Turbocharge Your Sales and Leadership with Neuroscience

Dr. Wu has created a new, Neuroscience-powered sales framework that teaches salespeople Why People Buy. In this framework, he reveals why buyers’ decision anxiety is the biggest roadblock in selling. He guides sales and marketing professionals in identifying and reducing that anxiety.

By applying science-proven techniques developed and taught by Dr. Wu, businesses have seen tremendous revenue growth.

Dr. Wu has also created a new, Neuroscience-driven leadership framework that teaches leaders Why People Follow. In this framework, he reveals how stress and leadership are intricately connected. He has created many actionable ideas and practices for leaders to reduce their and their followers’ stress.

Using his innovative framework, leaders can create strong cultures, improve employee engagement, and reduce burnout.
Dr. Terry Wu Neuroscience of Leadership Speaker

Trainer and Speaker on Sales and Leadership

Dr. Wu studied Neuroscience at Duke University and Vanderbilt University. He received his Ph.D. from Vanderbilt in 1999. He has been in the field of Neuroscience for over 35 years.

Since 2003, he has built a top-notch marketing agency that specializes in online marketing. His company’s services are guided by Neuroscience insights instead of personal preferences or hunches. His company’s clients have gained a solid competitive edge.

Dr. Wu turns the Science of Why People Buy into actionable practices for salespeople and marketers.

Dr. Wu’s expertise in Neuroscience and marketing has led him to the exciting field of Neuromarketing. He has been speaking to business communities about how to apply Neuroscience in sales and marketing. He continues to consult with businesses of all sizes in a wide range of industries to boost their sales.

Now, Dr. Wu turns the Science of Why People Follow into reliable leadership skills for leaders.

Since 2020, Dr. Wu has been bringing fresh content into the leadership training and development industry. By explaining and predicting leaders’ and followers’ behaviors through Neuroscience, he guides leaders to lead better with more confidence. From 8 decades of Neuroscience research about how biology shapes our behavior, Dr. Wu has uncovered many unique, new insights into the dynamic between leading and following.

Dr. Terry Wu Neuroscience of Leadership Trainer

Dr. Wu travels nationwide from his home in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area in Minnesota to deliver powerful content to corporate training events, conferences, and CEO peer groups. He is a Vistage speaker, and business leaders from Vistage have given him top ratings for his Neuroscience-powered content in leadership, sales, and marketing.

Dr. Wu constantly stays current with the latest scientific research and constantly develops fresh content. He has built a reputation for making complex science relatable and practical to his audiences. His insights have impacted more than 2 million people around the world.

Neuroscience Marketing Sales Speaker
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