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The Neuroscience of Sales and Marketing

1.1+ million people have watched the Big Think program “Your Brain on Money” featuring Dr. Terry Wu. He pointed out that Amazon is in the “Instant Gratification” business to satisfy shoppers’ desire to seek immediate rewards.

The topics of Neuromarketing and The Neuroscience of Selling have attracted more and more attention by business owners, corporate executives and entrepreneurs in every industry. However, informing business leaders about the impact of Neuroscience is not an easy job. Only a few Neuroscientists can make such a complicated topic relatable and actionable.

Keynotes on the Neuroscience of Marketing and Selling

Dr. Wu is an accomplished public keynote speaker. His brilliant insights have empowered over 2 million people from all over the world. Here are the top 4 of his highly sought-after keynote and workshop topics:

Dr. Wu’s one-of-a-kind storytelling speaking style makes complex science very easy to understand and keeps his audiences highly engaged throughout his presentations. He gives real actionable, science-proven ideas that are applicable in the real business world.
Neuromarketing Keynote Speaker Neuroscience Sales Speaker

Neuromarketing and Neuroscience of Sales Speaker

In his talks, Dr. Wu clearly informs his audiences on how Neuromarketing works in sales and marketing, using the latest scientific research. At business conferences, corporate events, and professional and trade association meetings, his talks have helped the business community understand how to apply Neuroscience to drive up sales and marketing.

Neuroscience Marketing Sales Speaker

Neuromarketing and Neuroscience insights are in wide use by global brands like Amazon, Google, Apple, Coca Cola, BMW and large retailers. The burgeoning interest in the field of Neuromarketing has led a variety of “experts” to write books and give talks. As with every new emerging field, there is plenty of misinformation.

Most sales speakers and trainers rely on rare anecdotes and unique personal experiences to prove that “their stuff” works. But in reality, their stuff worked because of luck or unknown factors, instead of their tactics.

If you want to empower your audience with Neuroscience, invite a real Neuroscientist! So many speakers are not afraid of giving misinformation about the brain these days. They have little knowledge of science and keep recycling the same wrong information.

Dr. Terry Wu – Renowned Keynote Speaker and Neuroscientist

Dr. Wu earned a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Vanderbilt University. He has 35+ years of experience as a Neuroscientist and 20+ years of experience in applying his knowledge in the field of sales and marketing.

Dr. Wu is available to keynote your events in-person or virtually. He will provide valuable insights into these new marketing realities and help your audience understand the science behind Neuromarketing and how it can benefit their own companies.

He is a Vistage speaker and offers 3 science-based programs. Vistage members have found his insights extremely valuable to their leadership and business operations. He brings fresh perspectives and real, proven actionable ideas to make their businesses stronger.

He owns the only Neuromarketing firm in the Midwest and has helped dozens of companies achieve remarkable success through Neuromarketing and Neuroscience-guided sales techniques. He is currently writing the book “Why the Brain Buys: The Neuroscience of Sales and Marketing.”

Bruce Nustad Dr. Wu’s style grabbed our group’s attention right away. And his expertise was delivered in a practical and entertaining way. He had business owners and corporate leaders walking out of the room with a half dozen ways to improve their connections to customers, prospects, and team members. Terry has a special way of communicating with non-scientists, helping them understand how people receive and process colors, scents, sounds, and our surrounding environments. If you are in the business of connecting with people, Terry’s a leading-edge resource. We hope he will spend more time with our group soon. ~ Bruce Nustad, President, Minnesota Retailers Association
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