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Get the Right Numbers for Strong Social Influence

Why do numbers matter when we are seeking confirmation from others?

Neuromarketing persuasion through social influence

Numbers are simple. They make an immediate impression on the fast-thinking, intuitive brain. Think about your own reactions. When shopping on Amazon, do you buy products with average review ratings of 2.5 out of 5? On YouTube, would you watch a video on a subject that has just 25 views or one with 25,000 views? Study after study has shown that we unconsciously choose options that display higher numbers for user acceptance.

Leverage Social Proof to Attract More Customers

Convincing people to become your customers is a complex job. Neuromarketing research has shown that people often follow the opinions of others. In making purchase decisions, positive social confirmation can lead to a quick decision to buy. The power of “word of mouth” advertising has long been known. However, we also know from neuroscience research that negative decisions are easier for people to make than positive ones. For example, online shopping websites have seen more than 70% of customers backing away just before completing transactions.

How do you reduce the barrier for shoppers to become your customers?

Let Satisfied Customers Be Your Sales Force

Consumer neuroscience research has demonstrated how powerful confirmation cues can be. In a 2007 study by DeVries and Pruyn, the presence of recommendations for a digital camera product on a website produced a 20% increase in sales for that product. Using social proof cues isn’t just a promising idea; it’s an essential marketing strategy for both product sales and lead generation. In addition, creating increased consumer confidence through confirmation helps boost your internet conversion rate. Experienced neuromarketers understand how to make this aspect of web design and content produce optimal results and boost revenues.

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