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Search Experience Optimization, the New SEO

Dr. Wu provides fresh Neuroscience insights to predict customer behaviors and enhance sales and marketing conversion.

Search Engine Optimization has been around for two decades. Many businesses invested heavily in it and enjoyed its benefits. However, other companies wasted a lot of money because they focused only on rankings instead of conversion or visitors’ experience.

Google wants to give its users a great experience. SEO has evolved into Search Experience Optimization or SXO.

Google has been constantly rewriting the game’s rules, making frequent algorithm updates. At the same time, driven by its desire to boost revenues, Google has pushed organic listings lower, making paid ads more prominent. Getting top rankings is no longer enough.

Keynote: Optimize for Search Experience to Sell

Many high-ranking websites don’t sell or generate leads. Most visitors leave within 20 seconds without taking any action. Money invested in getting top rankings is wasted. Would you turn on your air conditioner in the summer while leaving doors and windows wide open? It is the same as your website visitors exiting right away.

If a website takes over 3 seconds to download, 3 of 5 Google users leave for a competing website.

Over a decade ago, Google realized it could NOT survive as a simple search engine company. Giving its users a good search experience is what it strives for. A good search experience means high conversion.

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Google has publicly stated that Search Engine Optimization should become Search Experience Optimization or SXO. That is what is behind all its algorithm changes.

SEO and SXO Keynote Speaker

Many SEO and online marketing speakers talk about the same old, ineffective techniques. Others present secret research results that can’t be validated or duplicated. Now, for the first time, you will get a fresh, new perspective on Search Experience Optimization – The New SEO or SXO. This is driven by scientific Neuromarketing principles rather than guesswork and hunches.

Whether an SEO campaign works depends on how the website is optimized for conversion.

Millions of articles and hundreds of books have been written about SEO. There are many self-proclaimed experts.

Dr. Terry Wu started his online marketing firm in 2003. His company was one of the first two online marketing firms in Minnesota that specialized in Search Engine Optimization. From his extensive experience in working with a wide range of businesses for over 20 years, he truly understands what Google is looking for and how it changes its ranking algorithms.

Neuroscience SEO SXO Keynote Speaker
Hyunjoo Im Testimonial Dr. Terry Wu is an excellent speaker who seamlessly integrates psychology, technology, and business. He brought a wealth of knowledge and years of experience from search engine optimization and neuromarketing to my classroom. The content was extremely informative and rich with real-life examples and details that can only come from first-hand experience and science-based knowledge. He made a highly intelligent and focused presentation with clarity and passion, and my students were visibly excited and motivated after listening to his presentation. Thank you for sharing your insights with my students. ~ Hyunjoo Im, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Retail Merchandising, University of Minnesota
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