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Appealing to Senses to Enhance Sales and Marketing

Consumer decisions are strongly influenced by how their bodies feel. When they feel good and comfortable, it is easier for them to decide.

Every big supermarket has a bakery inside the store. A bakery is very expensive to operate, but doesn’t generate a lot of sales. Why do most supermarkets have one?

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It is all about the pleasant aroma. The smell of fresh bread and cookies make shoppers hungry. Hungry shoppers fill their carts with more goods.

The Power of Sensory Marketing

At brick and mortar businesses, store designs and layouts are created to present customers with a sensory connection to available products. Restaurants waft aromas through the air to stimulate customers’ appetites. Retail products are available for people to handle and experience with all their senses. All the sensory experiences have a strong influence on customers’ decisions and judgments.

Neuromarketing offers many techniques that take advantage of our unconscious access to sensory experiences. Here are some examples of how this phenomenon works for 5 senses we all share:

Neuromarketing Helps Stimulate Sense Memories

The examples above are just some of the ways the brain’s embedded memories and emotions can be triggered through sensory experiences. Since 95% of all consumer decisions are based on emotions and intuition, evoking positive memories and experiences of the senses can help businesses stimulate positive decisions by potential customers and clients. Advertisers have used many of these techniques for decades, on a trial and error basis. Neuroscience has learned how and why the brain makes buying decisions. Applying those brain-aware techniques can boost sales and conversion dramatically. We can help your marketing team understand how they apply to your unique business through cost-effective consultations. Contact us today to get started appealing to your customers’ senses.

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