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All Prices Are Relative

How do price comparisons affect sales? Do we really know what is expensive and what is inexpensive?

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It’s a matter of relativity. Duke Professor Dan Ariely has studied pricing relativity and its role in decision making. He discovered that prices that stood alone in a vacuum were difficult for the brain to evaluate. For example, is a $4,000 diamond ring too expensive? If you compare it to a $1,500 ring, it seems to be. However, put it next to one priced at $10,000, and it looks like a bargain. You can use this relativity principle to influence price consciousness.

Lower High Price Barriers with Neuromarketing

Telemarketers and infomercial producers know that there is a sweet-spot price that triggers an immediate buying response. That price is $19.95. When it comes to low-priced products or services, people most often buy out of impulse. Those sellers use motivators like time-limits, free shipping, or buy-one-get-one offers. Triggering fast-acting, intuitive thinking gets the job done by eliciting an emotional response.

When it comes to expensive products and services, though, research shows that consumers always engage their slower, analytical thinking.

Customers tend to avoid quick decisions. They want to compare options, prices, brands or service contractors. How do you apply Neuromarketing techniques to lower the barrier and generate more sales?

Sell More High-Value Products and Services

When your services and products are priced above the four figures, internet marketing requires different approaches. Science-based Neuromarketing has the power to increase the effectiveness of your website. Crafted by skilled neuroscientists and marketing experts, it can increase lead generation by 100% – 500%. To reach those goals, every aspect of your internet marketing must be involved.

From web design and search engine optimization to content creation and paid advertising, Neuromarketing principles must be integrated expertly throughout. That’s how leading corporations are dominating in their industries. They’ve embraced this exciting research and applied it across the board. It works for them, and it can work for your company. Our goal is to help companies of all sizes understand these scientific methods. We want you to learn how to become more profitable by using them.

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