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Scent Marketing – Smells Are Powerful Emotional Triggers

Scent has the most direct influence on emotion. Consumers are more easily imprinted by scent than by other sensory stimuli.

A research study was conducted at a casino to find out if scent could influence the amount of money spent at slot machines. Two scents were tested. One scent was found to increase the money spent by 45%. The other scent had no impact.

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The sense of smell is still extremely important to humans. The olfactory centers of the brain that detect and identify aromas developed early in evolution. Odors are stored in memory and are closely associated with human emotions. Even odors we can’t detect consciously stimulate hunger, inspire happiness, remind us of past experiences, and cause us to flee from danger. Our survival and well-being are influenced by our brain’s processing of scents.

Neuromarketing Focuses on Our Sensory Experience

Since Neuromarketing is the application of neuroscience research, it also considers our sense of smell. While internet marketing doesn’t involve scents, except to use images and words to suggest aromas, most businesses also have a physical location. Brick-and-mortar businesses have many reasons to think about scents and odors. Our Neuromarketing consulting services can give you important clues about how customers’ senses of smell affect your success and profits:

Neuromarketing Affects All Parts of Your Business

Neuroscience research has revealed many secrets about how the unconscious brain influences consumer behavior. In the past two decades, researchers have increased scientific knowledge in ways that can enhance marketing for every type of business and in every marketing environment. As the top-rated Neuromarketing consulting firm with seasoned Neuroscientists on the staff, we are constantly studying and evaluating ongoing research. We bring that expertise to our clients through professional consultations and in the services we provide.

How Are Consumer Decisions Made? – Traditional marketing assumes that people think long and hard before making purchase decisions. Neuroscience research demonstrates that such an assumption is very misleading. 95% of decision-making takes place without conscious awareness. Majority of buying decisions are driven by emotions and intuition.
Increase Your Sales with Sensory Marketing – What we see, hear, touch, taste and smell can have a very strong influence on consumer experience. Understanding the complicated interactions among our senses helps businesses create a better customer experience to increase sales.
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