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The Neuroscience of Sales Training Workshop

Dr. Wu turns the latest Neuroscience research into real-world practices for salespeople to outperform their competition.
A good salesperson knows how to sell. A great salesperson knows Why the Brain Buys.

Sales trainers and speakers only teach salespeople how to sell. But they know little about why customers buy. This weakness in sales training has led to unpredictable and unreliable outcomes.

Tens of thousands of sales trainers and speakers teach selling solely based on their own experiences or rare anecdotes. There is no way to verify their stories. The uniqueness of each situation makes their techniques worthless. Dr. Wu teaches you and your team the Science of Why Consumers Buy and its real-world applications in the following Neuroscience-powered workshop.

100% of Vistage members who attended this workshop recommend it. They have rated it 4.8/5 for its content and applicability.

Workshop: Why the Brain Buys

Neuroscience research has shown that consumers make unconscious buying decisions in highly predictable ways. Dr. Wu has built a new, science-proven framework that centers on Why Customers Buy by studying how the brain decides why, what, when, and where to buy.

Reducing buyers’ decision anxiety is the most critical job of a salesperson and is the primary focus of this workshop.

Dr. Wu applies a holistic approach to understanding the various emotions involved in purchasing. He has uncovered many evidence-supported techniques and skills that empower salespeople to better persuade their customers and outsmart their competition.

Learning Objectives ~ Get answers to:

Actionable Takeaways ~ Get insights into:

Amazon broke the traditional sales approach by giving its customers total control and reducing their decision anxiety.

Amazon doesn’t sell anything. It helps its customers buy everything. That is Amazon’s secret to its tremendous success.

Sell More by Helping Customers Buy

Unlike most speakers and trainers, Dr. Wu distills the latest scientific research and turns it into practical techniques. His approach produces more successful and predictable results. He gives you a new perspective on selling that has been proven highly successful. He doesn’t rely on his own experiences or anecdotes. He doesn’t recycle other speakers’ and trainers’ materials.

Traditional sales trainers have run out of recycled material. They keep adding new spins to old, ineffective techniques, like creating value propositions, delivering presentations, handling objections, asking questions, and pressuring buyers.

In Dr. Wu’s Neuroscience-driven program, you will learn a NEW set of skills. You will also learn the science behind those skills so you have complete confidence in applying them.

Customized Neuroscience Sales Training

This workshop is highly customized for your business and sales team. Before the training session, Dr. Wu will interview your select team members to understand the main hurdles and identify weaknesses. He will review your proposals and presentations. He will address specific problems during the workshop and use your examples so that you learn techniques and strategies specifically designed to improve your outcomes.

Choose one of the two options to fit your needs and budget.

Dr. Wu offers a FREE 2-hour follow-up session with your team within 3 months of the workshop. He will provide additional insights to boost your revenue and improve your conversion rate.

Neuroscience Marketing Keynote Speaker
Trish Rubin At the start of the pandemic, when things looked bleak, a bright spot appeared. Dr. Terry Wu, was recommended to me as a powerful, leading voice in Neuromarketing. Terry was immediately open to sharing his research insights to help my international MBA students understand the brain and what impacts the buy. Terry comes at decision-making using various topics and positions. I learn every time he addresses my students. Because he is a clear and compelling presenter, I have reached out to book him in my courses in Paris and NYC. If you ask me what’s one good thing that came out of the pandemic for my business, I will say, it’s meeting Dr. Terry Wu. ~ Trish Rubin, Brand Consultant, Global Marketing Instructor at Baruch College of CUNY and IESEG School of Management in Paris and Lille
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