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2+ million people have learned Dr. Terry Wu’s insights into consumers’ decision-making on Big Think, TED Talk, and CNBC. He teaches salespeople not only how to sell, but also Why Customers Buy.

Traditional sales training is hit-and-miss because it is mostly based on personal experiences and rare anecdotes. You spend a lot of money but get the same recycled content and few results.

When sales training is not based on science, you get unpredictable and unreliable outcomes. Few sales speakers, trainers and authors know much about the Neuroscience of Decision-Making.

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Over the past 2-3 decades, Neuroscience research has shown that about 95% of our decisions are made unconsciously. Our buying decisions are influenced by many subtle or even invisible factors that we are not aware of.

Keynote: Master the Neuroscience of Selling

Neuroscience research has shown that consumers make unconscious buying decisions in highly predictable ways. By studying how the brain decides what, when and where to buy, Dr. Wu has built a new, science-proven framework that is focused on reducing buyers’ decision anxiety.

From this science-based, content-rich keynote, you will discover why buyers’ decision anxiety is the biggest roadblock in selling. You will distinguish “helping customers buy” from “selling.” You will make a shift from hard-selling to helping your customers and clients buy.

Learning Objectives ~ Get answers to:

By employing the Neuroscience of Selling, salespeople of all levels have seen more reliable and successful outcomes.

Actionable Takeaways ~ Gain insights into:

As a highly sought-after Sales Keynote Speaker, Dr. Wu shares insights that help you persuade your customers more effectively. Based on his extensive research, he reveals what is overlooked and ignored by other sales speakers and trainers.

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There are countless sales speakers and trainers. They have one thing in common. They rely on anecdotal evidence and personal experiences. Their insights are limited to their own, biased interpretations of each situation, rather than based on objective evaluations using scientific methods. What they teach is rarely applicable to real-world situations.

In contrast, sales techniques that are based on Neuroscience research are proven to be more reliable and effective.

All sales speakers have another thing in common. They all focus on the conscious behaviors of both customers and salespersons. They teach you how to ask questions, handle rejections, present your value propositions, and demonstrate the features and benefits of what you sell. But they pay little attention to the unconscious behaviors of buyers and sellers.

Dr. Wu informs his audience about the Neuroscience of buying decisions. His TED talk on Neuromarketing is a perfect demonstration of how he distills complicated science into valuable insights that are relatable and practical to businesses. He used relatable stories and research studies to demonstrate the power of Neuroscience in sales and marketing. If you are looking for a Sales Speaker who can explain the Neuroscience and Psychology of Selling to your audience, reach out to Dr. Wu.

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Rick Brimacomb Terry has provided tremendous value and insights to the Club E community. He is an expert on applying Neuroscience to sales, marketing and business operations. He is able to communicate best practices fluently and effectively. Terry leaves an audience with a new perspective on how to approach marketing and awareness on how companies apply strategies around the subconscious behaviors of consumers. Terry has spoken to Club E multiple times, including at an extremely well attended panel, “Selling on Emotion.” We’ve had requests from our community to have him back for another panel and we certainly will! ~ Rick Brimacomb, Founder, Club E
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