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Traditional sales training is hit-and-miss. Sometimes you spend a lot of money but get few results. Why? The reason is that old-fashioned sales training is not based on science. Instead, it is mostly based on personal experiences. When your sales training is guided by science, you get highly predictable and reliable results.

Neuroscience Sales Speaker

Over the past 2-3 decades, Neuroscience research has shown that about 95% of our decisions are made unconsciously. Our decisions are influenced by many subtle or even invisible factors that we are not aware of.

Keynote and Workshop Speaker on Neuro Sales

As a highly respected Neuroscience Sales Keynote Speaker, Dr. Wu shares insights from Neuroscience that help you persuade your customers more effectively. Based on his extensive research, he reveals what is overlooked and ignored by other sales speakers and trainers. He teaches your sales staff not just how to sell, but also why the brain buys.

Neuro Sales Keynote Workshop Speaker

Dr. Wu informs his audience about the Neuroscience of buying decisions. His TED talk on Neuromarketing is a perfect demonstration of how he distills complicated science into valuable insights that are relatable and practical to businesses. Whether it is a 45-minute keynote speech or a 2-hour workshop, the audience can expect to learn the following.

Dr. Wu shares with his audience many practical takeaways.

Learning the Power of Neuro Sales

There are countless sales speakers and trainers. They have one thing in common. They speak about selling based on anecdotal evidence and personal experience. Their insights are limited to their subjective interpretations of each situation, rather than based on objective evaluations using scientific methods. What they teach is rarely applicable to real-world situations.

In contrast, sales techniques that are based on Neuroscience research are proven to be more reliable and effective.

All sales speakers have another thing in common. They all focus on the conscious behaviors of both customers and salespersons. They teach you how to ask questions, handle rejections, present your value propositions, and demonstrate the features and benefits of what you sell.

In contrast, they pay little attention to the unconscious behaviors of buyers, as well as salespersons.

If you are looking for a Sales Speaker who can explain the Neuroscience and Psychology of Selling to your audience, reach out to Dr. Wu. In his 17-minute TED talk, he used relatable stories and research studies to demonstrate the power of Neuroscience in sales and marketing.

Brian Lassiter Terry brought leaders in our network very unique, Neuroscience-based insights to improve how they market and communicate with customers. Our members appreciated that Terry’s approaches are fact-based, tested and validated, and somewhat universal: they can be applied in virtually any size or type organization. So if you’re interested in exploring innovative ways to market and grow your organization, I’d highly recommend partnering with Terry! ~ Brian Lassiter, President, Performance Excellence Network
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