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Smart Pricing Sells More with Neuromarketing

To your customers, price signals quality and predicts experience. You can sell more by applying the science of pricing to motivate your customers to buy.

Next time you look at a restaurant menu, see if there is a $ sign in front of the price? Many restaurants have removed the $ sign from the menu. Why?

Price to Sell Neuroscience of Sales

According to a study published in 2008, removing the $ sign can increase a restaurant’s sales by 8%. This study shows that how prices are presented can influence our buying decisions.

The Neuroscience and Psychology of Pricing

For your business, prices determine your revenue and profit. From the customer’s perspective, your prices can influence their buying decisions. With the internet, shoppers can find the lowest price instantly.

Price-cutting should NOT be a sales and marketing strategy.

Neuromarketing research has shown that smart pricing strategies make a big difference. Our seasoned Neuromarketing experts can help you boost sales by improving your pricing based on Neuroscience and Psychology.

What You Will Get and How Much It Will Cost
  • 3 Pricing Recommendations for $5240
  • 5 Pricing Recommendations for $2790 more (total: $8030)

We will analyze your pricing strategy thoroughly. We will provide you with detailed recommendations, which will subtly influence your customers to perceive your prices to be lower. In addition, our recommended changes will motivate your customers to make buying decisions. Project completion time: 3-4 weeks.

Find out how much it costs to hire our Neuromarketing Consulting services.

Get Pricing Strategies Right and Watch Revenues Climb

How businesses should handle price presentation depends on what they’re selling. You need different strategies for high-end products and services than for less costly items. Service businesses that can only quote prices after creating an estimate have completely different needs. Business-to-business sales require different techniques. As the only Neuromarketing company in the Midwest, we consult with all types of businesses to help them create the most effective, brain-conscious pricing methods.

Susan Miller I had the pleasure of working with Terry for 13 years, leading my business into a tremendous success! I would recommend him as you will see a diligent and professional person who goes out of his way to see you are well taken care of and attends to every detail! ~ Susan Miller, President, HR Personnel Services
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