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Power Your Sales with Persuasion

Why does scarcity increase sales? Does implying popularity influence buyers’ choices?

Neuromarketing Persuasion Techniques

A classic 1975 experiment asked people to rate the taste of cookies. It let individuals select a cookie from one of two jars. One jar contained 10 cookies, and the other held just 2. Same cookies, but different quantities. Subjects consistently rated the limited quantity cookies as better tasting. Two factors were in play. The limited supply in one jar gave the appearance of popularity, and the scarcity also led to higher demand for the 2 cookies. Neuromarketing offers better ways to persuade the unconscious mind.

Harness the Persuasion Power of Words

Far too many business websites lack useful content. Some websites overload their content with keywords to spam search engines. Most web designers fill up websites with large, meaningless photos. They often use off-the-shelf templates that aren’t designed to accommodate adequate content. The truth is that written copy is your best sales tool. If it carefully uses Neuromarketing principles, it will steadily lead potential customers toward taking action. Copywriting must recognize its readers’ needs and speak in terms that are easily understood. It should provide solutions to the problems that brought them to your website.

Above all, it needs to motivate the buying decision.

Boost Conversion with Neuromarketing Content

Web copywriting is often treated as an afterthought by business owners and web design companies. Words carry strong persuasion power and matter to conversion rates. The most beautiful website ever designed will convert poorly unless it also shows visitors why they should buy. When you look at your websites, consider the available content. If it’s sparse and unconvincing, it won’t help you sell anything. Outstanding Neuromarketing content, crafted by experienced copywriters is essential.

Content that applies Consumer Neuroscience principles is very rare, but more than repays its cost by boosting conversion rates and revenues. The power of words to trigger action has been demonstrated by neuroscientists in experiment after experiment. Look at the powerful marketing copy used by the most successful internet businesses. Those companies understand what it takes to persuade their customers to act. Follow their lead and you’ll achieve the success you seek.

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