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Empower Your Sales with Persuasion

Neuromarketing research has identified many ways to make your customers feel safe about buying from you. Amazon is most successful at motivating its customers by helping them choose what to buy.

You can price a product in 2 ways. The first is “Buy 2, Get 1 FREE.” The second is “Get 3 for the Price of 2.” Which price option generates more sales?

Persuasion Neuromarketing Neuro Sales

It is “Buy 2, Get 1 FREE.” The word “FREE” can trigger a subtle, but powerful emotional response. That response plays a big role in the buying decision.

Harness the Persuasion Power of Words

Whether your company sells online or in person, it is important to understand the persuasive power of words. Words can trigger both positive and negative emotions. Those emotions can influence your customers’ buying decisions.

Boost Conversion with Neuromarketing Content

Copywriting is often treated as an afterthought by business owners. Words carry strong persuasion power and matter to conversion rates. The most beautiful website or print brochure or billboard ad ever designed will convert poorly unless it also shows visitors why they should pay attention or buy. When you look at your marketing materials, consider the available content. If it’s sparse and unconvincing, it won’t help you sell anything. Outstanding Neuromarketing content, crafted by experienced copywriters is essential.

Content that applies Neuromarketing principles is very rare, but more than repays its cost by boosting conversion rates and revenues. The power of words to trigger action has been demonstrated by Neuroscientists in experiment after experiment. Look at the powerful marketing copy used by the most successful businesses. Those companies understand what it takes to persuade their customers to act. Follow their lead and you’ll achieve the success you seek.

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