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Why Adopt Neuroscience SEO to Stay Ahead

Search Engine Optimization has evolved to Search Experience Optimization. If your website gives visitors a good experience, Google will reward it with higher rankings.

Going back a few years, all Google did was to list websites it found relevant to searches by its users. Now, Google search results show exactly what its users look for directly. For example, if you search for the lyrics of a song, Google will show the lyrics right away, so that you don’t have to visit another website. Google has transformed from a search engine to a solution engine.

Neuromarketing Neuro SEO Service

Google has been improving its users’ experiences through Neuromarketing for a long time. Today, Google gives its users a much better experience than before. Searchers are presented with images, maps, videos, information extracted from other websites, and local business descriptions in search results. Google has shifted from just showing website links to presenting a wealth of attention-catching, useful information. Google knows that its users prefer websites that are simple, clear, informative and emotionally engaging. SEO without Neuromarketing is like driving at night without your headlights on.

Enhance Your SEO with Neuromarketing

Is your SEO becoming less effective, but more expensive? Almost every search engine optimization company has been trying to find out the latest techniques and to understand Google’s latest algorithm. That approach will fail sooner or later because Google changes its ranking algorithm more than once a day. Google is getting smarter everyday. Did you ever ask yourself the question: What does Google really want? The untold truth is that it wants to provide what its users want.

If your website can impress your future customers, Google wants to rank it at the top. This is how applying Neuromarketing can enhance your SEO effort.

Boost Your Sales with SEO and Neuromarketing

A superbly effective website, social media, and internet advertising strategy demands a significant investment for any business. All too often, companies follow the lead of their competitors and end up with a poorly functioning cookie-cutter approach. The results are typically disappointing and provide a poor return on their investment. Many web design firms use a one-size-fits-all approach that ignores all the research that has been done by the internet’s most successful firms. As a result, most business websites look alike and produce extremely low conversion rates.

The internet has been evolving. Competitive success increasingly demands combining consumer Neuroscience-guided design, scientific SEO, outstanding copywriting and conversion optimization. Your company needs to win the race.

Gaia Richards Testimonial Terry Wu has delivered. For over 15 years, he has given my business concise, useful “how-to” guidance in the SEO marketing world but more importantly, this concise and powerful guidance has gotten me to the people who are ready to use my services. Terry’s Neuroscience-based approach is so different from those of generic digital agencies. The results his firm has given me are mind-blowing. If you are not ready to succeed, don’t bother hiring Neuromarketing Services. If you ARE ready to achieve your business goals, this is the guy. ~ Gaia Richards, Reiki Healing
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