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How to Increase Sales of Higher-Priced Products – When consumers compare prices, their fast-thinking brains often don’t make precise calculations. By making the price difference between two products more prominent, you can increase the sales of the higher-priced item, by influencing the buyer’s price perception.
How to Frame Your Sales and Marketing Message to Sell More – Your message can trigger positive or negative emotions in your customers and influence their buying decisions. Salespeople and marketers often overlook the importance of this hidden cognitive bias. Understanding how to frame your message correctly can drive up your sales.
Apply Emotional Marketing to Thrive in the Coronavirus Crisis – During the Coronavirus epidemic, smart business leaders can apply emotional marketing to stand out from competition. Solving customers’ concerns first creates strong emotional bonds and lasting memories.
Our Panicked Brains Go Shopping During the Coronavirus Epidemic – Why do people irrationally strip store shelves of bread, milk, bottled water and toilet paper during disasters and emergencies? The answer lies in our brain’s cognitive biases and their tendency to cause us to act quickly without thinking clearly.

Many successful companies are applying new scientific insights to boost their marketing and increase their sales. The results they’re seeing are mind-blowing. We’d like to share the Neuroscience of Selling and Marketing with you. We hope the knowledge you gain will empower you and your business to be more competitive and successful.

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As the ONLY Neuromarketing consulting firm in the Midwest, we help businesses of all sizes to improve their ROI on sales and marketing by applying Neuroscience, Psychology and Economics. When your sales and marketing are driven by science, you will see exceptional and reliable results.

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Learn how Amazon applies Neuroscience to its sales and marketing.
Why Neuromarketing and Neuro Sales Matter to Your Bottom Line
How to Apply Online Neuromarketing to Beat Your Competition
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Harness the Power of Persuasion
Cognitive Biases, the Brain’s Shortcuts to Decisions

Over the last 2-3 decades, advances in Neuroscience, Psychology, Economics and Data Science have given us a better understanding of our decision-making. Now, we know with certainty that the human brain makes about 95% of decisions unconsciously. Emotions, feelings and intuition are the primary driving forces of all our decisions, including buying decisions.

Craig Espelien Testimonial If you want to really understand the consumer’s mind, how they make decisions and, most importantly, how your actions can influence their decision-making process then you need to meet Terry Wu and listen to his talk on NeuroMarketing.
From colors to words and sentence structure to web site design and so much more, Terry has opened up a new way to impact consumer decision-making by talking to consumers in the “language” necessary to influence their perceptions of you, your brand and your product.
Too many products focus on the rational decision making process while social media has focused on emotional decision making. Terry’s concepts take you a step further and help you get inside a consumer’s mind – and get there before they have made their decision!
If you get a chance, go hear Terry speak about this emerging area of focus and help take your business to the next level of performance. ~ Craig Espelien, President, 1201 Partners
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