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How Neuroscience Powers Marketing

Both Neuroscience and Marketing provide insights into human decision-making. Attracting and engaging your potential customers no longer need to be a hit-or-miss approach.

One study looked at how three-letter company stock symbols performed within the first 6 months. Researchers found that easy-to-pronounce letter combinations, like KAR, did better than unpronounceable symbols like XBR.

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The brain recognizes combinations of letters as words. However, the brain struggles with hard-to-pronounce combinations. The ease of pronouncing and remembering the stock symbol appeared to influence traders’ buying and selling decisions.

Fast vs. Slow Thinking

Daniel Kahneman, a Nobel Prize winner in Economics, has narrowed the decision-making process in the brain to fast and slow thinking. Fast thinking is intuitive and unconscious. It prefers everything that is simple. In contrast, slow thinking is analytical and conscious. It handles more complicated reasoning. About 95% of all human decisions result from fast thinking, while slow thinking rarely kicks in. To make marketing highly effective, it needs to communicate with the fast-thinking brain.

Dividing brain functions into fast and slow thinking systems lets us approach marketing in new ways.

The human brain is incredibly complicated. It is made up of multiple subsystems that interact to enable everything we do and think about. Understanding consumers’ decision-making has a direct impact on marketing products and services. It reveals the secrets on how we decide what to buy.

Brain Imaging and Neuromarketing

Recently, brain imaging lets researchers visualize parts of the brain while making decisions. Neuroscientists can visualize what parts of the brain are active. What has been discovered during decision making in the brain has revolutionized our understanding on how consumers choose what products and services to buy.

The implications of fMRI research for marketing, especially on the internet, are huge.

Applying Neuroscience in Marketing and Advertising

Although much has been learned about how the human brain makes decisions, interpreting that scientific research isn’t simple. Just using a few tips found on a Neuromarketing blog won’t get effective results. Instead, Consumer Neuroscience must be integrated to marketing and advertising campaigns holistically.

Major corporations hire experienced neuroscientists and psychologists to guide implementation of Neuromarketing. Hiring a Neuromarketing company will make your business stay ahead of the competition. A marketing firm operated by Neuroscientists can help your business dramatically increase lead generation and sales.

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