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Your Brain Doesn’t Like too Many Choices

In a Columbia University study, researchers tested the “less is more” marketing concept.

Neuromarketing Consumer Buying Decisions

They presented customers with two scenarios. In one, 24 fruit jam flavors were available for purchase. In the other, only 6 were offered. Only 3% of customers made a purchase when 24 choices were present. When just 6 were available, 30% made a purchase. The fast-thinking brain tends to stall when too many options are available, according to neuromarketing professionals.

Drive up Web Conversion with Neuromarketing

What is Neuromarketing? It is the application of neuroscience research into the consumer decision-making processes. During the last two decades, neuroscience has made enormous strides. Ground-breaking technology and insights from research into the human brain have revolutionized our understanding of consumer behavior.

Neuromarketers can advertise products and services more effectively.

Neuromarketing has been widely used by the most successful internet corporations. Amazon, Facebook and Google have quickly become dominant in retailing, social media and advertising. By taking advantage of advanced neuromarketing, those three companies are able to attract more loyal customers and users. They prove that this novel approach works in improving internet branding and driving up web conversion rates.

Enhance Your Online Neuroscience Marketing

Taking maximum advantage of neuroscience discoveries in driving up sales isn’t simple. Just applying a few techniques here and there will produce only spotty results, or even a negative outcome when done wrong. For example, stimulating a website visitor to click through to an additional page won’t boost conversion rates unless that page also uses effective decision-inducing techniques. Neither will a powerful PPC ad that delivers a potential lead to an irrelevant landing page. For maximum impact, neuroscience adversiting and branding must be used consistently. Only then can they trigger sales or generate leads effectively. Amazon knows that. Facebook uses neuromarketing techniques to maximize conversion on its website. You should follow their lead. The best solution is to hire a neuromarketing firm that specializes in web design, SEO, AdWords and conversion optimization services. We’d love to help.

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