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Add Visual Cues that Truly Matter

Why should online testimonials include photos of people?

Neuromarketing Web Design

Neuroscience research shows that almost 50% of brain activity involves processing visual information. Studies have discovered that testimonials that feature a real customer’s face boost confidence far more than the same praise without a photo. The human face attracts attention to the testimonial immediately and unconsciously. Plus, it adds an additional layer of social proof. Increased visitor confidence always pays off through increases in conversion rates.

Guide Your Web Design with Neuromarketing

97% of web design companies build websites to impress their clients, instead of their clients’ customers. They typically use some large stock photos to fill up the screen. But, these websites offer little beyond that. Will anyone buy your products or services simply because your website has better stock photos? Your website’s job is to attract, retain and convert your customers. A design that only pleases the eye falls far short. In fact, most graphical designs built with cheap templates perform dismally.

In contrast, a website design based on neuromarketing principles delivers top-notch performance.

It gives visitors what they seek and nudge them to take action. That translates into more sales and profits.

Maximize Your Sales through Neuro Web Design

If your current website isn’t performing, it is time for a revamp. Take a close look at your direct competitors’ websites. Chances are they all look pretty much the same. Why try to duplicate those designs? Odds are they all have conversion rates that are just average or below and aren’t meeting their owners’ expectations. Now, visit the websites of very successful companies in your line of business. Try to look at every website from the perspective of a potential customer, rather than a business owner. If you’ve read some of the information on this website, you’ll probably recognize neuromarketing elements at work on the successful websites. You want higher conversion rates and more sales. Web design driven by neuromarketin can give you that performance.

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