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Neuromarketing TED Talk

450,000+ people have watched Dr. Terry Wu’s TED Talk. Many business schools have incorporated this talk into their MBA programs for marketing and branding.

On May 18th, 2019, Dr. Terry Wu had the privilege to deliver a TED Talk about Neuromarketing. It has been well received by experts in the field as well as the general public. It has inspired new and seasoned marketers to better understand consumer decisions with science.

Squeezing such a complex subject into less than 18 minutes, though, was a daunting challenge. That time constraint forced him to take a fresh look at Neuromarketing. After all, several decades of research in the fields of Neuroscience, Social Psychology, Behavioral Economics and Data Science have built the scientific foundation for this emerging field.

Neuromarketing TED Talk

To summarize everything that has been learned over the last 2-3 decades in such a compact presentation, Dr. Wu decided to focus on the core of Neuromarketing. That core is that our unconscious, emotional experiences have the strongest influence on our buying decisions. Since the TED audience would be made up of both consumers and business leaders, he decided to present it in a way that informed both groups.

When you watch the talk, you’ll learn the basics of Neuromarketing, which studies consumers’ decision-making and applies that knowledge in marketing and advertising. He broke the subject down into these sections.

Learn What Neuromarketing Is

In this short video, Dr. Wu presents each topic through clear examples of marketing and decision-making. He shows how science explains the results. You’ll learn how many very successful companies use these new techniques. You’ll see familiar examples of Neuromarketing in action. You’ll also discover how companies like Amazon use common brain biases to influence customers’ choices. He also explains some of the misunderstandings people have about these new marketing techniques. You can expect some surprising revelations about how our minds work.

Understanding the basics of Neuromarketing is important to consumers and businesses alike. It has the potential to be a real game changer in many ways. We all want to make an impact and help others to thrive. He finishes up the talk by offering a humorous story about how the tiniest, most subtle influences can produce a major impact.

Peter Beaumont Terry really knows his subject and presents a convincing and compelling talk packed with examples and evidence. His premise is that we make most of our decisions subconsciously. And we do! He convincingly argues that we make purchasing decisions primarily based on emotion. As such, our marketing needs to be geared and presented in a form that takes account of this. ~ Peter Beaumont, Global Business Leader, Marketer, Author and Speaker
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