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How to Boost Your Sales with Neuromarketing

Neuromarketing research has identified many predictable consumer behaviors. Guided by such knowledge, your sales and marketing can be predictably successful.

For newly-introduced products, customers often don’t have a price in mind. Williams-Sonoma discovered that when it brought the first bread-making machine to the market. Priced at $275, sales were slow. Customers were unsure of its value.

Neuromarketing Techniques

Williams-Sonoma did something very clever, but counterintuitive. It introduced a larger model, with a price of $429. When shown side-by-side, customers rushed to buy the original, cheaper model. The more expensive model gave customers a reference point when evaluating the price.

7 Neuromarketing Techniques for More Profits

The ultimate goal of every marketing campaign is to convince potential customers to make buying decisions.

When promoting products or services with business websites, social media, Google Ads, print media, and broadcast commercials, turning potential customers into real customers requires an in-depth understanding of why the brain buys.

Neuroscientists, using brain imaging, have observed brain activity as people are presented with decision points and make choices. The understanding gained through this research can be put to the test in carefully controlled experiments. With an increasing number of studies, researchers have discovered the following 7 most effective Neuromarketing techniques in persuading potential customers to buy.

Neuromarketing Techniques for Better Conversions

Neuroscience marketing is not a one-shot solution. Each technique can contribute to higher conversion rates, but they work best when combined in an overall Neuromarketing strategy. An integrated approach that involves every aspect of your marketing gives you the best outcome. If that sounds complicated, that’s because it is. If you believe Neuromarketing helps you outsmart your competition, look for a research-based, data-driven Neuromarketing company that can expertly integrate Neuroscience principles throughout your marketing efforts.

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