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The topic of Neuromarketing has become highly interesting to business owners, marketing specialists and entrepreneurs in every business sector. It applies neuroscience research on decision making in the brain to actual purchase and commitment decisions by consumers.

Neuromarketing is in wide use by global brands like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Coca Cola, auto manufacturers and retail businesses. The burgeoning interest in the field of Neuromarketing has led to a variety of “experts” to write books, create blogs, and offer advice. As with every new emerging field, some of the information available is science-based and accurate, while there is plenty of misinformation.

Bringing Neuromarketing to Business Communities

Neuromarketing Speaker

Dr. Wu is an accomplished public speaker. At business conferences, chambers of commerce meetings, professional and trade association meetings, business networking events and other gatherings, his talks have helped the business community understand Neuromarketing. He clearly outlines how consumer neuroscience works, using examples from research and application of these new marketing methods in the real business world.

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Dr. Terry Wu earned a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Vanderbilt University. He has 30 years of experience as a neuroscientist and 15 years of experience in applying his knowledge in the field of marketing and sales. He owns the only Neuromarketing firm in the Midwest and has helped dozens of companies achieve remarkable success through Neuro Web Design, SEO, and Conversion Optimization guided by Neuromarketing.

Speaker Availability

Dr. Wu is available to speak about Neuromarketing at your business event, conference, marketing workshop, or business networking event. He will provide valuable insights into these new marketing realities and help your audience understand the science behind Neuromarketing and how it can benefit their own companies. Contact him regarding details and availability.

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