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We are a Neuromarketing company based in Minneapolis, MN. We take a unique approach to helping businesses generate more profits and revenues. Our services are based on extensive research and application of proven Neuromarketing principles.

Proven Leadership and Teamwork

Terry Wu Neuromarketer

Most web design and internet marketing firms are led by graphic designers. We are led by neuroscientist Dr. Terry Wu. Dr. Wu studied neuroscience at Duke University and Vanderbilt University. He received his PhD in neuroscience from Vanderbilt in 1999. During his 20-year career in the Department of Neuroscience at the University of Minnesota, he began creating websites for a select group of businesses. He began investigating Google’s search engine ranking algorithms in 2003. That research has led to remarkable SEO rankings for our clients’ websites. He applies a deep understanding of neuroscience principles to web design, user experience and online conversion optimization. In terms of overall conversion rates, leads and sales, our client websites excel. We are one of just a handful of such Neuromarketing companies in the USA.

George Campbell

Websites cannot succeed without dynamic, informative marketing content. George Campbell, our content director and chief copywriter, has a long history in consumer-focused writing. As a consumer journalist, his articles, product reviews and how-to guides have appeared in dozens of national magazines, from PC World and Popular Mechanics to Better Homes and Gardens and Seventeen. He began creating content for websites in 1995, launching websites for his own software company and a side business targeting mineral collectors. Over 10 years ago, he teamed up with Dr. Wu in creating business websites. Since then, he has written all marketing copy for more than 50 extremely successful sites. His interest in Neuromarketing began in the early 1960s, after reading Vance Packard’s book, The Hidden Persuaders. Ever since, he has continued to study consumer psychology and behavioral economics.

George Campbell

Neuromarketing succeeds because it is based on focused studies of consumer behavior and decision-making. Deirdra Hoolahan, our Neuromarketing strategist, holds a Master’s degree in social work and has studied social psychology extensively. Her broad experience in consumer behavior and psychology adds real-world weight to our neuroscience research-based marketing design and content strategies. Her insights into how to design and implement Neuromarketing campaigns help us make our work much more effective. She has been a key player of our team since joining Neuromarketing Services in 2012.

Full-Service Neuroscience-Based Internet Marketing

Online marketing has expanded enormously in the past two decades. Today, no business can survive without reaching out to future customers on the internet. That’s why our Neuromarketing company offers the full range of services based on ground-breaking scientific research.

Our clients benefit from our hard-earned expertise through increased sales, leads and revenues.

From hand-coded neuro website design and scientific SEO to compelling content creation, everything we do for clients has a single goal: Maximize our clients’ web conversion and sales. We understand neuroscience marketing inside out, Google’s search engine ranking algorithms, and how design and content work together to reach your future customers. Our clients’ extraordinary success speaks volumes about the quality of our services.

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Web Design and SEO Powered by Neuromarketing

The internet’s leading corporations, from Google and Amazon to Facebook and Twitter all have one thing in common. They have embraced Neuromarketing and are hiring neuroscientists to lead their advertising efforts. The reason is simple. They understand how the brain handles decision-making. For businesses of all sizes, hiring a Neuromarketing company that specializes in web design, search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising can mean the difference between success and failure.

As one of only a few such Neuromarketing companies in the country, we welcome your inquiries. If you are a business owner or you lead your company’s advertising, please contact us to discuss your goals and plans. We’ll be happy to do an initial evaluation of your current website and discuss our findings with you with no obligation.

Neuromarketing Minneapolis St Paul “Terry has great insights into how our minds work and he is tremendous at showing his clients how those insights can be used to improve their marketing. If you get a chance to see Terry speak, I would recommend that you take the time to do it.” – Bill HellKamp, President of Professional Sales Association
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