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Sell MORE with Neuro Web Design

Is your website designed based on your personal preference? Research has shown that Neuroscience-guided designs keep visitors more engaged.

Can you catch your website visitors’ attention in less than 3 seconds? What photos should you use? What colors should you choose? How fast does your website load? How does your website’s layout affect their stay time?

Neuro Web Design Neuroscience Marketing

With tens of thousands of website templates available for $10-$50, 80-90% of all websites are built with cheap templates. As a result, most websites look the same. Nothing separates your unique business from your competition. Your template-based website suffers from extremely low conversion.

Apply Neuroscience to Web Design

We apply Neuroscience insights to web design to conversion optimization. Our choices of colors, fonts, layout, and photos are made based on science, not our or your personal preferences. Our clients’ websites instantly connect with visitors emotionally, engaging them to learn more and stay longer.

What You Will Get and How Much It Will Cost
  • 15-Page Neuro Website: $17,650
  • 25-Page Neuro Website: $4,780 more (total: $22,430)

We will completely revamp your website by applying Neuroscience principles to maximize your sales conversion. Each package includes content writing, web design, SEO, and conversion optimization, guided by the latest Neuromarketing insights. Project completion time: 2-3 months.

Here is a client website designed with Neuroscience principles. It includes real photos, a clear navigation menu, an easy-to-find property search box, and plenty of informative content. It stands out in thousands of generic, template-based websites.

Neuro Web Design Service
90 out of 100 websites are designed to boost business owners’ egos, instead of focusing on their customers’ needs and wants. We boost our clients’ bottom lines by increasing their profits through customer-focused, Neuro Web Design.

In 2014, it was reported that Google tested about 50 shades of blue to be used in its pay-per-click ad links. By monitoring clicks of paid ads, they chose the shade of blue that triggered the most clicks. The company estimates that using the most effective blue color added $200 million in revenues annually.

Web design isn’t just about what looks pretty to you. The tiniest details matter. Our Neuromarketing-guided web design is the proven way to improve your conversion rate by 5-10 times.

Optimize Your Web Design for Maximum Impact

In the past few years, Amazon, Facebook, and Google have made extensive use of Neuromarketing techniques. Those companies hire Neuroscientists who take the lead in designing websites and running advertising campaigns. They help customize web content and messages to maximize sales growth. This game-changing approach has reshaped the advertising landscape. As research into how the brain works has increased, Neuroscientists have discovered how and why people make purchase decisions.

As the only Neuromarketing company in the Midwest, we want to help you understand how America’s biggest corporations use these cutting-edge techniques to dominate in their industries.

Designing High-Conversion Business Websites

An ordinary website design can’t deliver anything but ordinary results. If your company’s website is just like your competitors’, you can’t outcompete them. By incorporating the latest brain research, powerful SEO, and dynamic Neuromarketing content, your website will stand out and outperform competing websites. Through neuroscience marketing, your website can become a high-performance revenue generator.

Chris Kallstrom In 2007, my return on investment with the Yellow Pages began to decline. I turned to the internet for a better return on my advertising dollar. Terry said he would have my website ranked in the top three at Google, I did not believe him. Terry made a believer out of me. Our website has been an inseparable part of our company’s tremendous success. Now, I have worked with Terry’s company for over 13 years. He has grown my company’s sales significantly each year and he is great to work with. I would highly recommend Neuromarketing Services. ~ Chris Kallstrom, President, Residential Heating and Air Conditioning
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