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Neuro Web Design Makes the BEST First Impression

A cool website kills a business fast. Potential customers don’t care how pretty your website looks. They need to find out what your business can do for them instantly.

On almost all websites, you see beautiful stock photos with gorgeous models in them. Do those photos make a website more believable? The answer is No. Your web visitors connect with your business better when they see real photos with real people in them.

Neuromarketing Neuro Web Design Optimization

Most websites are only able to get visitors to stay for 20-30 seconds. Often, an average visitor’s first impression of a website is made in 0.5 second. The decision to stay or leave is reached in less than one second. The simpler the design, the less the fast-thinking brain must process. Similarly, familiar designs are better perceived than complex unfamiliar ones. Neuro web design aims for clarity and simplicity to grab attention and show relevance. The result is better visitor engagement and higher conversion.

5 Key Ways Neuro Web Design Drives Up Sales

Is your company’s website generating leads and sales? Does your website make your potential customers want to call you or buy from you? The untold truth is that most websites are built with similar templates. Nothing leads visitors to look beyond the home page. Web design concepts have fallen into a rut in the past decade, because they failed to understand what visitors really look for. The majority of web design companies simply use the same generic designs.

Over 98% of business websites do a miserable job in keeping customers engaged and informed.

Meanwhile, hugely successful online companies have all adopted neuro web design to attract, retain and convert customers. Their design teams put Neuromarketing principles to work. Using data from neuroscience research and extensive testing, their websites perform exceptionally. Advanced SEO techniques attract hordes of visitors. Neuro web design and action-triggering content provide subtle, yet effective cues to convert shoppers into real customers.

Neuromarketing, often called applied consumer neuroscience, is the powerful engine that drives those successful websites.

Boost Your Website Performance with Neuromarketing

Visitors who come to a website are motivated. If the page they land on immediately demonstrates relevance to what they search for, a conversion is very likely. If not, a potential sale is lost. A high percentage of visitors leaving the website right away is a sign of poor performance. The user experience begins in the first few seconds. Applied consumer neuroscience research helps your web design capture attention. Then, your marketing message and content can lead them on the path to conversion. Every element of a website design plays a role in generating more leads and sales.

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