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How Amazon Applies Neuro Conversion Optimization

As the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon persuades customers to buy products by applying neuromarketing. It even convinces customers to add additional products to their orders. As a business owner or executive, it’s valuable to explore Amazon’s website as a customer. You’ll see again and again how subtle design and content elements, based on neuroscience research and data analytics, get the job done.

As a small to midsize business, you don’t have the vast customer information that Amazon has. However, our neuromarketing services company can help you use the same techniques to increase sales and revenues. Here are some of the most important methods.

Your Customers’ Needs Come First

Amazon Customized Recommendations

Amazon knows its customers and their habits. It analyzes that information to show each visitor customized web pages. That’s not a practical option for most businesses. Instead, retailers, B2B companies, and service businesses can create accurate profiles for typical customers. Present information that answers their questions, solves their problems, and meets their needs. Make that the first thing they see, instead of bragging about your company. Put your customers first, just like Amazon does.

Maximize Social Proof to Build Trust

Amazon Social Proof

Everywhere on Amazon’s pages, you’ll see five-star reviews, prominently displayed for every product. That’s because customers want to follow the leader. The Bandwagon Effect cognitive bias is why social proof increases sales. Amazon actively solicits reviews from customers. It uses emails to prompt them to post their opinion. Then, it rewards them for posting those reviews in a follow-up email.

Your company should follow up every successful sale or service with your customers via email. Ask them to review your service or product.

Provide a link to your Google local business listing or a relevant consumer rating site. You can even offer a discount when they post a review. Then, feature your star review ratings and personal testimonials on your website to provide positive social proof.

Closing the Sale with Neuromarketing

Amazon Point of Sale

Your landing pages, product detail pages, and contact-generation pages are crucial. They are where you make the sale or generate a lead for your services. Amazon uses multiple neuromarketing tools to close the deal wherever a sale can be made. The image shown here is the order form for a desktop computer.

At the top, you see the price, along with a valuable FREE shipping offer. Neuromarketing research shows that FREE offers have enormous power in closing sales. A faster, paid shipping method is also available for customers who need the product right away.

Fear of missing out or the Loss Aversion cognitive bias is next. The customer is already interested in buying this item. The red-colored warning that stocks are low will trigger an immediate decision.

Add-on features are commonly used by Amazon in these order boxes. They’re a great way to generate additional revenues. Two ordering option buttons give the customer choices. Both lead to a commitment and to the shopping cart page. Finally, customer name recognition adds another positive element.

On your point-of-sale pages, using multiple decision-stimulating neuromarketing elements can help you close the deal. Match the elements to your unique business model. You’ll see a boost in conversion.

Capitalize on Seasonal and Topical Offers
Amazon Point of Sale

Amazon’s massive database of individual customer information and ordering history lets it display timely offers to its customers. Seasonal and holiday offers often stimulate additional sales to customers who are on the website looking for other items.

The box in the image shows up around Valentine’s Day, regardless of what the Amazon customer is searching for. Clicking it shows multiple categories of gift items, closely matched to the customer’s previous purchases for this holiday.

Whatever your business type, don’t forget seasonal, holiday, and time-sensitive opportunities. It’s a simple way to personalize your site and generate additional sales or leads. Create special offers that lead to a specific occastion-themed landing page.

Profit by Applying Amazon’s Neuromarketing Techniques

Amazon has spent many millions in testing neuromarketing techniques on its website. The result is a subtle, ever-present use of proven neuro design. By understanding how the fast-thinking brain makes decisions, the company has quickly grown and prospered. You can see those methods at work by studying Amazon’s persuasive designs and looking at the website from a customer’s point of view. Putting similar neuroscience research-based strategies to work on your company’s website and other online marketing can boost your sales, revenues, leads and conversion rates.

As the only neuromarketing company in the Midwest, we’re uniquely able to help our clients take advantage of those concepts. We understand why Amazon has succeeded. We can help you profit through customized neuromarketing that matches your needs. Contact us soon and we’ll analyze your current marketing and consult with you. Let us show you how applied neuroscience is the key to growth and success.

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