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How Amazon Applies Neuro Conversion Optimization

1.1 million people have learned consumer behavior insights from Dr. Terry Wu in this Big Think program.

He explained that Amazon understands how to help its customers make their buying decisions by making those decisions for them. Consumers love to buy, but they are afraid of making wrong decisions.

As the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon doesn’t have a single salesperson. How does it persuade customers to buy? Neuromarketing has been a key element of its sales and marketing. As a business owner or executive, it’s valuable to explore Amazon’s website as a customer. You’ll see again and again how subtle design and content elements, based on Neuroscience research and data analytics, get the job done.

Amazon Neuro Web Design Sales Conversion

Amazon knows its customers and their habits. It analyzes that information to show each visitor customized web pages. That’s not a practical option for most small to midsize businesses.

Instead, retailers, B2B companies, and service businesses can create accurate profiles for typical customers.

Present information that answers their questions, solves their problems, and meets their needs. Make that the first thing they see, instead of bragging about your company. Put your customers first, just like Amazon does.

Benefit from Amazon’s Insights into Consumer Decisions

As a small to midsize business, you don’t have the vast customer information that Amazon has. However, our Neuromarketing consulting company can help you use the same techniques to increase sales and revenues. Here are some of the most important methods.

Profit by Applying Amazon’s Neuromarketing Techniques

Amazon has spent many millions in testing Neuromarketing techniques on its website. The result is a subtle, ever-present use of proven neuro design. By understanding how the fast-thinking brain makes decisions, the company has quickly grown and prospered. You can see those methods at work by studying Amazon’s persuasive designs and looking at the website from a customer’s point of view. Putting similar neuroscience research-based strategies to work on your company’s website and other online marketing can boost your sales, revenues, leads and conversion rates.

As the only Neuromarketing company in the Midwest, we’re uniquely able to help our clients take advantage of those concepts. We understand why Amazon has succeeded. We can help you profit through applying Neuroscience, Psychology and Economics to drive up your sales..

How Neuro Web Design Sells – Small and midsize companies can profit from the same Neuromarketing techniques that Amazon uses. Amazon has done the research for you and shown us what works best.
Amazon’s Persuasive Design at Its Best – Every design element on Amazon’s website intends to maximize its persuasive power. You can benefit from its techniques.
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