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Outsmart Your Competition with Neuromarketing

Dr. Wu explains and predicts consumers’ decisions with Neuroscience to give businesses a competitive edge.

What does it take to introduce new, exciting Neuromarketing insights to the business community? It takes extensive education, experience, and expertise in Neuroscience and Marketing.

In May 2019, Dr. Wu delivered a fascinating TED talk on Neuromarketing. In only 17 minutes, he introduced this highly complicated subject to a general audience by sharing fascinating stories and scientific studies.

His talk has been extremely well received by business leaders, university researchers, marketing and advertising professionals, and the general public. Many university and college professors have included his talk in their marketing courses.

Keynote: Harness the Power of Neuromarketing

Dr. Wu expands his TED Talk by diving deeper into consumers’ decision-making in this science-powered, content-rich keynote. He uses fun examples to demonstrate how our unconscious, emotion-driven thinking overpowers our slow, analytical thinking.

He helps you identify subtle yet powerful influences that motivate your buyers. He explains how you can apply effective techniques to drive up your sales and marketing conversions.

After hearing this keynote presentation, many business owners, marketers, and salespeople remarked on Dr. Wu’s ability to distill complex science and research in an understandable and relevant way to businesses.

Learning Objectives ~ Get answers to:

You either outsmart your competition or get outsmarted. Hear this fascinating talk before your competitors do!

Actionable Takeaways ~ Gain insights into:

Many businesses have applied Dr. Wu’s insights to their sales and marketing and have quickly seen great results.

World Top Neuromarketing Keynote Speaker

As a renowned Neuroscientist who brings science to sales and marketing, Dr. Wu frequently speaks at business conferences and corporate events. He also lectures at universities and colleges to share with students his first-hand knowledge and experiences in applying Neuromarketing to grow sales and revenues.

There is no shortage of speakers who are not afraid of dishing out misinformation about the brain. Some rebrand their outdated sales training as Neuromarketing. Some even promote the bogus idea of finding the brain’s “buy button.”

If you are looking for the best Neuromarketing Speaker to inform your audience about this exciting field, find an expert with the expertise and the ability to communicate with a diverse audience. Dr. Wu received his Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Vanderbilt University. His 35+ years of experience in Neuroscience and 20+ years of experience in marketing have given him the integrated knowledge that few Neuromarketing speakers can offer.

Neuroscience Marketing Keynote Speaker
Travis Sims Terry Wu spoke at our Accelerated Global Connections event and shared his message on Neuromarketing “Outsmart Your Competition.” Terry has a relaxed approach to sharing his thought-provoking message. His content is very solid and backed by scientific evidence, instead of anecdotes. His delivery is truly seamless. He makes complex Neuroscience very easy for non-scientists to understand. Terry’s presentation is one of my favorites given at our events. I recommend you consider Terry for your next keynote! ~ Travis Sims, Founder and CEO, Accelerated Global Connections
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