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Choose Your Winning Color in Sales and Marketing

In business, choosing the wrong color can be very expensive. Too often, color choices are made based on personal preference, instead of science.

In an experiment on taste, subjects ate four different Jell-Os. They were yellow, green, red and blue. Most volunteers said the yellow one tasted sour like a lemon, the green one tasted tart like a green apple, and the red one tasted sweet like a strawberry. They said the blue Jell-O tasted odd or disgusting.

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In fact, all 4 Jell-Os were identical and tasteless, except the color. The colors triggered the volunteers’ brains and fooled them into assigning taste to the different colors.

Color decisions in marketing are more than decisions about aesthetics. Choosing the right color is like playing the lottery, given our eyes can see millions of colors. Colors should be selected based on science, instead of someone’s personal preference.

In a separate test, the volunteers were blindfolded. All said there was no difference in taste among the 4 Jell-Os. That’s not surprising, because the Jell-Os were unflavored, and the food coloring had no taste at all. When color wasn’t seen, all Jell-Os tasted the same. Color influences our taste perceptions.

Why did Vincent van Gogh love painting sunflowers? One explanation is that bright yellow is a happy joyful color and it alleviated his depression.

Insist on Science-Based Color Recommendations

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The Science of Color in Marketing – Color choices in marketing can make the difference between success and failure. In traditional marketing, colors are chosen for aesthetic reasons. Make those choices based on Neuroscience research instead and you’ll achieve much better results.
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