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Choose Your Winning Color in Sales and Marketing

In an experiment on taste, subjects ate four different servings of Jell-O. They were yellow, green, red and blue. Most subjects said the yellow tasted sour like lemon, the green seemed tart like green apples, and the red was sweet like strawberries. They said the blue Jell-O tasted odd or disgusting. In fact, all 4 Jell-Os were the same, all tasteless and flavorless.

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In a separate test, the subjects were blindfolded. All said there was no difference in taste. That’s not surprising, because the Jell-O was unflavored, and the food coloring had no taste at all. The colors triggered the brains of the non-blindfolded subjects and fooled them into assigning taste to the different colors.

Clearly, the brain was influenced by color alone. Color decisions in marketing materials need more than artistic decisions.

Insist on Neuroscience-Based Color Recommendations for Marketing

The time is long past when you could rely on graphic designers for all design choices. Top-performing giants like Facebook, Google, and Amazon are actively using Neuromarketing strategies to help them improve their sales. More and more of your competitors are also taking advantage of Neuroscience research. As the leading Neuromarketing company in the US, we want to help you compete successfully. Through our consulting services, we offer analysis and expert advice that will give you the edge you need. We use Neuroscience to outsmart your competition.

The Science of Color in Marketing – Color choices in marketing can make the difference between success and failure. In traditional marketing, colors are chosen for esthetic reasons. Make those choices based on Neuroscience research instead and you’ll achieve much better results.
How to Apply Sensory Marketing to Boost Sales – Neuroscience research has shown how our senses interact with each other to shape consumer experiences. Leveraging those insights can increase your sales and help you avoid costly marketing mistakes.
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