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The Neuroscience of Leadership Training Workshop

Dr. Wu enlightens leaders with scientific insights into how leaders lead and why followers follow.
A good leader knows how to lead. A great leader knows Why People Follow.

The COVID pandemic brought the traditional leadership training and development industry to its knees. This multi-billion dollar industry churns out numerous books, workshops, conferences, and keynote speeches every year. But none prepared leaders to face the once-in-a-lifetime crisis. Leadership failures were widespread, worsening the impacts of the pandemic.

Two fundamental weaknesses make traditional leadership teachings unreliable and ineffective.

First, it depends on rare anecdotes, famous personalities, and personal stories. There is no way to verify the anecdotes and stories. All the principles taught are situational at best but fail to address the complexity of real-world challenges.

Second, all speakers and trainers focus on teaching leaders how to lead but not Why People Follow. It is similar to teaching salespeople how to sell but not Why People Buy. There is a lack of understanding of how followers decide to follow leaders.

Neuroscience enables us to explain and predict leaders’ and followers’ behavioral patterns and their intersection.

Workshop: Why the Brain Follows

Dr. Wu has built a new, science-proven framework that centers on the Neuroscience of Why People Follow by studying how the brain decides why, when, and whom to follow a leader. He has uncovered many predictable behavioral patterns of leaders and followers.

For the first time, Dr. Wu brings the intertwining relationship between stress and leadership to the forefront of leadership training.

Dr. Wu applies a holistic approach to understanding why bad leaders and poor leadership are stressors. He has developed practical tools for leaders to mitigate their and their followers’ stressors. More importantly, he teaches leaders how to avoid becoming their followers’ stressors.

Learning Objectives ~ Get answers to:

Actionable Takeaways ~ Get insights into:

Followers only follow leaders who make them feel safe instead of chronically stressed or burnt out. All good leadership skills boil down to giving followers psychological safety signals, including control, predictability, and progress.

Our biology and our situations shape our behaviors.

Customized Leadership Training Powered by Neuroscience

The traditional leadership principles originated from Dale Carnegie’s book “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” Not much has changed for almost a century, even though there is no shortage of spin-offs. Speakers, authors, and trainers rarely pay attention to the latest Neuroscience insights into human behavior.

As a renowned Neuroscientist, Dr. Wu translates the latest scientific findings into real techniques. He has brought a breath of fresh air and given leaders a new lens to understand their and their followers’ behaviors.

The pandemic has changed the landscape of leadership training. Chasing the latest buzzwords, such as Why, Vulnerability, Authenticity, Empathy, and Super Powers, proves ineffective and even disastrous.

In this science-based program created and taught by Dr. Wu, you will learn a NEW set of skills. You will also learn the science behind those skills so you have complete confidence in applying them.

Customized Neuroscience Leadership Training

This workshop is highly customized for your executive and management team. It includes 3 modules.

The entire workshop runs from half a day to 3 days. You can choose the best way to customize for your team or audience.

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Sayre Darling I have had the great pleasure of attending several presentations by Terry. And I have always found that he captures the attendee’s attention on complex and sometimes difficult to understand topics on neuroscience, He always finds a meaningful way to translate his expertise to the common interests of the audience with wonderful stories, analogies and eye-catching visuals. Terry also has a wonderful way of being present with the audience, even in an online environment, which transports you into understanding how neuroscience can help you in your business and to reach your customers. I would highly recommend Terry as a speaker for any audience wanting to learn more about the impact of neuroscience in their industry. ~ Sayre Darling, Business Strategist, Change Leader, Business Coach
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