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What Makes Your Customers Buy More?

What impact do the images on your website have on visitors? Graphical images can evoke emotions. Most buying decisions are driven by emotions.

Internet Neuromarketing

One university study tested the effect of background images on shoppers’ behavior on a furniture website. One image showed clouds in the sky. The other depicted a lot of pennies. With the cloud image, more shoppers chose higher-priced, comfortable furniture. When pennies were the background, more bought lower-priced items or clearance items. The background images provide visual cues to the unconscious mind and influence its decision-making.

Internet Neuromarketing Has Proven Its Effectiveness

If you are like most business owners, you’re beginning to hear about applying the latest brain research findings in marketing. Neuroscientists have discovered many unexpected insights on how consumers makes decisions. Those discoveries have led to a better understanding of how to persuade consumers on the internet.

Applying what is learned about consumers’ decision-making is now helping forward-thinking business owners boost profits across all industries.

Major corporations, including giants like Facebook, Amazon and Google, were among the first to embrace these new scientific methods. They have seen tremendous growth in sales and revenues. Here’s why you should start adding consumer neuroscience techniques to your own marketing planning and execution.

Apply Neuromarketing to Web Design, SEO and AdWords

As the Minnesota’s only neuroscience marketing firm that specializes in neuro web design, SEO and AdWords management, we want to help our clients generate more profits. Every business owner needs to understand what influences consumers’ decisions. The research into the brain’s decision-making processes has made an enormous impact in how businesses reach out to their customers across all industries. As more and more enterprises take advantage of this research, competition is becoming even more fierce. We encourage you to explore these exciting, powerful discoveries and to consider what they mean for your future success and growth.

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