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Speed up Your Website for Your Customers and Google

The most important Google ranking factor is your website download speed. Check your SEO or web design company’s website speed score first. Avoid companies that don’t have a high speed score.

How quickly does your website appear on your customers’ computers or smartphones? It matters. Google calculates that up to 57% of its users abandon a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

Google PageSpeed Score SEO

Why does the PageSpeed score matter? Amazon discovered that a 0.1 second speed-up resulted in $1.7 Billion higher annual sales. If your company’s website is a slowpoke, it could cost you far more than you think. Page speed is the first element of every user’s experience on a website. Neuromarketing is all about giving customers a good experience.

Get Your Website’s Google Speed Score Instantly

Google measures all aspects of website performance to guide its rankings. This Page Speed Insights will test your website for speed and give it a 0-100 ranking. We also recommend checking the score for your web design and SEO company’s website. Most of them do poorly in that Google test. By all means, avoid companies that can’t get a high score for their own website.

Google Speed Optimization SEO

Double, Triple or Quadruple Your Speed Score

What You Will Get and How Much It Will Cost
  • Score 55+ Speedy Package: $4210
  • Score 70+ Speedier Package: $2320 more, total: $6530

You will receive detailed, easy-to-follow instructions to change your website’s codes. Such changes won’t impact how your website looks or functions. They can be implemented by your web design team in 1-3 hours. This service will increase your speed score, boost your Google rankings, and create a better customer experience. Project completion time: 2-3 weeks.

Recently, a client hired us for a Neuromarketing consultation to improve their website performance. When we checked their website’s page speed, we found that it was rated at 17 out of 100. After an in-depth analysis, we made several suggestions for improvements. Once our recommendations were implemented, their score jumped up to 85! That’s much better. Why was the website so slow? Most business owners, web designers and SEO companies don’t know how important website speed is to visitors’ experience.

5 Ways to Improve Your Google PageSpeed Score

Common mistakes made by web design companies slow down website performance. Often, the design templates they rely on are not optimized for speed. Instead, they are built with heavy, convoluted codes. When we consult with clients, our initial suggestions typically focus on the issues below.

If you would like us to get this job done right from the beginning, we offer affordable pricing options for Neuromarketing Consulting.

Apply Neuromarketing to Improve User Experience

At our Neuromarketing company, every website we design employs Neuromarketing principles throughout. Our sharp focus on an outstanding user experience is just one aspect of that. We hand-code every website for maximum performance, including the fastest possible page loading. If your company’s website rates poorly or just average in Google’s Page Speed Insights test, our expert, Neuroscience-based consulting services are just a call away. Contact us anytime to discuss your needs and let us help you maximize your performance and conversion rates.

Ryan O'Neill Terry recently revamped our team’s website! Our website is incredibly fast. The fast download speed gives our clients a great experience while learning about our services and searching for homes. Our clients LOVE our new website. I could not recommend Neuromarketing Services more highly. They care about their clients, and they care about seeing you and your business succeed. Our team’s website has been very strong in generating quality leads for us. ~ Ryan O’Neill, President, #1 REMAX Real Estate Team in USA
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