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Market research based on expensive fMRI scans doesn’t reliably predict consumer decisions. It is smart to know what it can and can’t reveal before making your investment in it.

It is a well-established fact that about 95% of consumer decisions are made based on emotions, rather than on rational thought and analysis. Emotional decisions, however, are made primarily in the Limbic System located deep in the brain. Each structure of the Limbic System has its specific role in creating emotions.

Neuromarketing Consulting fMRI

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) measures the changes of neural activity in the brain indirectly. It is widely used for studying neural mechanisms of decision making. Many Neuromarketing studies are done using fMRI scanners at a large number of universities. Since most consumer decisions are driven by emotion, this technology examines closely the roles of various brain regions in unconscious, intuitive responses.

Advantages of fMRI Neuromarketing Consumer Research

The ability to study neural mechanisms of decisions provides a new way of understanding how the brain responds to marketing messages and stimuli. This new tool of market research has proven to be extremely valuable to marketing and sales.

Disadvantages of fMRI Neuromarketing Research

If fMRI data were definitive in determining how to enhance marketing effectiveness, it would be the only technology being used. However, like every other Neuroscience research technique, this technology also has several disadvantages. Nearly all fMRI studies are currently conducted in an academic setting, instead of a commercial environment.

Harness Insights from Existing fMRI Research

In most cases, it is impractical for businesses to fund fMRI Neuromarketing research for their own use. The cost alone makes that prohibitive.

However, since the 1990s, thousands of publications have relevance to marketing questions. The results of those studies have been carefully vetted and published in peer-reviewed journals.

However, those studies are difficult to access and interpret for those who are not trained in Neuroscience.

As a Neuroscientist who specializes in Neuromarketing, Dr. Terry Wu has access to, and studies published fMRI research regularly. In his consultations with clients and in his keynote speeches to business leaders, he brings a unique understanding of that research to the table. His insights into what fMRI studies reveal leads to actionable marketing and sales strategies for your business.

Neuromarketing Technology Consulting – There are many market research tools, including EEG, facial coding, eye tracking, fMRI. Which one is right for your goals and budget? How do you interpret the research data? Get a second opinion from a seasoned Neuromarketing consultant before buying something you don’t understand.
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