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Is Neuromarketing Ethical?

In 1957, there was extensive news coverage of “subliminal perception” in advertising. It was supposed to use quick flashes of language to get people to take some unconscious action. McDonald Vicary, a market researcher, claimed he had tested the technique. In a movie theater the words “THIRSTY DRINK COCA-COLA” were supposedly displayed for 3 milliseconds during a film.

Neuromarketing Ethics

He claimed that Coca-Cola sales in the theater rose 18.1% due to this. There was a nationwide backlash against manipulation of people’s minds. In 1963, however, Vicary admitted that the entire thing was a public relations hoax, meant to boost his own business. It never happened.

Can Neuromarketing Make Consumers Do Anything?

Some people have expressed similar concerns about the use of brain research in marketing. They worry that consumers may be manipulated into buying what they don’t want. It doesn’t work that way at all. It can nudge consumers gently into making decisions. Best of all, it can guide businesses in providing products and services that consumers truly want.

All marketing aims to convince consumers to act. Through trial and error, focus groups and consumer surveys, businesses seek to find out what consumers like or dislike. They want to stimulate consumers to buy. Neuromarketing simply offers science-based ways to do that better.

Choose an Ethical Neuromarketing Company

Neuroscience-based marketing is a new development. Internet giants like Amazon, Facebook and others actively use brain-aware techniques to outsell their competitors. Smaller companies often choose to outsource this effort. A few independent neuromarketing firms are available. They are helping businesses apply the latest research to their internet sales efforts. Ethics are important to your company’s business. You should expect your neuromarketing partner to verify its commitment to meeting the highest ethical standards.

Is there a “Buy Button” in the brain? Can a company stay in business by tricking its customers?
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