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EEG Scans Provide Insights into Consumer Decisions

By itself alone, EEG rarely reveals anything meaningful about consumer behavior. Many businesses rushed to buy this type of research, but ended up not knowing what to make out of the data.

Electroencephalogram (EEG) equipment was developed decades ago to help diagnose diseases like epilepsy and other brain disorders. Using an array of electrodes placed on the scalp, an EEG scan produces a record of electrical activity in many areas of the brain. That record was initially a series of ink tracings on a moving sheet of paper. Today, the tracings are more likely to be recorded as computer data.

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Beginning in the 1990s, EEG scans began to be used in Neuromarketing research as a way of viewing brain activity in test subjects who were exposed to advertising and marketing materials.

Less costly than multi-million-dollar fMRI scanners, EEG studies are widely used for Neuromarketing research.

They can examine brain activity mostly in the outer areas of the brain. The brain’s electrical activity responds quickly to external stimuli, so immediate responses to marketing materials presented can be accurately correlated to reactions on the multiple tracings. The information can provide valuable insights to researchers and marketers. The technology, however, has both advantages and disadvantages when compared to other methods.

Advantages of EEG Scans in Neuromarketing Research

EEG tracings reveal some valuable, but limited information.

Disadvantages of EEG Neuromarketing Test Studies

While fMRI scans look at the activity level of the brain’s different areas, EEG can only monitor electrical activity in the outer areas of the brain and cannot accurately pinpoint active locations in the brain. That makes EEG scans more difficult to interpret.

Avoid Reinventing the Wheel

Testing a large subject base using EEG takes considerable time but produces more accurate results overall.

A great deal of existing Neuromarketing research using this technology has appeared in peer-reviewed journals. Individual companies doing such testing may well be duplicating previous studies, but with a smaller group of test subjects.

Searching for and accessing such studies can be a daunting task and understanding and interpreting them requires a high level of experience and a thorough knowledge of statistical analysis.

As a professional Neuroscientist and Neuromarketing specialist, Dr. Terry Wu has been studying those published EEG reports for years. In his consulting work with companies of all sizes and in all business sectors, he can often eliminate the need to repeat such EEG studies by referring to data from existing publications. That is just one way he helps clients save time and money in implementing Neuromarketing strategies. Before undertaking a costly and time-consuming in-house study, contact Dr. Wu to discuss your company’s marketing plans. He can assist you in many ways to help you incorporate Neuromarketing and boost your revenues dramatically. Ask about a cost-effective initial marketing analysis and consultation from our Neuromarketing firm.

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