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How to Cut Your Google Ads Cost

Google Ads is not about being the highest bidder. It is about attracting quality leads at the lowest cost.

Recently, researchers found that a free offer can trigger irrational behavior in consumers. In an experiment, they asked shoppers at a mall to choose between two options. They could accept a free $10 Amazon gift card or purchase a $20 gift card for just $7. Most shoppers chose the free card.

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Even though the $20 card was a better bargain, their fast-thinking brains failed to make a simple calculation. Using an attractive FREE offer in your pay-per-click ads can quadruple your click-through rates and help lower your costs.

5 Neuromarketing Ways to Cut Your PPC Cost

Since Google has expanded the paid ads in its search results, the competition for more prominent Google Ads display is getting fierce. Getting maximum productivity from those ads can cut your spending by half. Neuromarketing techniques can help you achieve that goal. The Google Ads bidding and ranking system rewards effective ad content. Research has shown that emotion-evoking ad copy works most effectively to generate high click-through rates. With brief ad copy, it’s crucial to make every word count.

Integrate PPC and Neuromarketing to Boost Sales

Pay-per-click advertising is just one aspect of your online marketing. Used effectively, it can be a cost-effective way to generate more revenues. In too many cases, businesses are haphazard in their use of Google ads. That can drain marketing budgets without a positive return. Getting clicks on paid ads requires activation of your customers’ quick thinking.

Neuromarketing research has led to discoveries that can help you write ads that stimulate emotions and intuitive thinking to trigger action. When that’s combined with applied Neuromarketing principles on landing pages, the results can be remarkable. The concepts are simple, but applying those scientific principles requires expertise, experience and specific testing in each case. Professional management of Neuromarketing PPC campaigns is a proven way to shortcut this process and achieve optimal results.

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