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Optimize Your Web Conversion through Persuasion

How can you use scarcity and privilege to boost conversions?

Neuromarketing Web Conversion Rate Optimization

When Google launched its Gmail service in 2004, it had to compete with the leaders, Yahoo and Hotmail. Google limited signups at first, only allowing invited users to create an account. Then, it allowed each existing Gmail user to invite up to 50 additional users. People saw having a Gmail account as a limited, privileged opportunity. They rushed to sign up. Google attracted motivated users and became the largest email provider. This strategy can work for you, too.

Multiply Your Conversion Rate with Neuromarketing

Everything about internet marketing comes down to just one factor: Conversion. From SEO, social media, and paid advertising, your goal is to convert web visitors into customers. Every conversion happens only after an individual visitor makes multiple decisions at your website. Neuroscience research has revealed many insights about why and how consumers make all those decisions and what influences them.

Optimizing online conversion rates with those insights can double and triple your sales or even more.

Integrating Neuromarketing into Your Internet Marketing

Every successful conversion comes at the end of many decisions. Those decisions are made in every marketing venue. Pay-per-Click advertising, social media, and SEO can all benefit from our insights into decision-making.

Increase Your Sales through Optimized Conversion

No single technique will convert everyone. Each visitor is unique. One may decide to convert instantly, based on immediate, intuitive thinking. Another may convert suddenly after viewing a social confirmation element. Still another may have engaged more analytical thinking to absorb and digest information. Others will click internal links and do additional research. A well designed neuromarketing strategy can maximize conversion. For ideally optimized websites, conversion can be as high as 28%, or even higher. Most websites have a conversion rate hovering around 1%. If you can increase your conversion to 3% to 5%, that’s a 300% – 500% increase in leads or sales. That’s money in the bank. Thorough, expert neuromarketing conversion optimization can yield those results.

How to Optimize Web Conversion for High-Priced Services and Products? – Find out how to help your future customers buy.
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