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At Neuromarketing Services, Dr. Terry Wu teaches his audiences how to apply Neuroscience to empower leadership, sales, and marketing through his highly-rated workshops and keynotes.

Dr. Wu helps his clients boost their sales and marketing by applying Neuroscience. Since 2003, he has consulted with various industries to improve their sales conversion.

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Speaker on Leadership, Sales, and Marketing

If you want to empower your audience with Neuroscience, you won’t find a better speaker than renowned Neuroscientist Dr. Terry Wu. He has spoken at 200+ conferences, events, and workshops, informing his audiences with science-proven techniques and skills. His unique storytelling style makes complex Neuroscience accessible, relatable, and actionable to the general audience.

If you want to inform your audience about Neuroscience, invite a real Neuroscientist instead of a speaker who isn’t afraid of giving misinformation by using recycled material.

Dr. Wu’s keynotes and workshops are all based on original research studies. He can distill the essence of those studies and convert them into practical insights that salespeople and marketers can apply in their work.

Apply Neuroscience in Marketing to Win More Sales

Dr. Wu specializes in bringing scientific insights to the business world to solve real problems. He has witnessed how science transforms leadership, sales, and marketing. Working with his clients as a consultant, he helps them identify proven techniques that can make a difference. Many successful companies pioneered incorporating Neuroscience into their decision-making.

We know you wonder if Neuroscience can benefit your own business. It absolutely can. Dr. Wu is happy to be your guide. he would love to talk to you if you’re in charge of your company’s leadership, sales, or marketing. He’ll be happy to evaluate your plans and strategies. His action plan will be based on science, not your or his personal preferences or hunches.

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