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Neuromarketing and Sales Consulting by Dr. Terry Wu

Don’t outspend your competitors. Outsmart them!
Is your revenue declining? Are you looking for more reliable ways to increase sales? Has your sales experience been hit-and-miss?

Dr. Terry Wu can help you apply Neuroscience to better understand your customers’ decisions. You can double, triple, or quadruple your sales and marketing conversion with a scientific approach.

Neuromarketing enables you to tap into the power of the unconscious mind to persuade your customers better. More importantly, it guides you to create an outstanding, emotional experience that your customers love to pay for. Some of the most successful companies, including Google, Microsoft, Disney, Coca-Cola, and Hyundai, have employed Neuromarketing to drive up their revenues.

Enhance Your Customer Experience with Neuroscience

Improving Amazon’s website speed by 1/10 of a second boosted its sales by $1.7 billion. Improving Walmart’s website speed by 1/10 of a second increased its sales by $244 million. These astonishing numbers demonstrate the power of good customer experience.

Neuromarketing is about applying science to create and deliver the excellent emotional experience your customers crave.
Neuromarketing Consulting Service

More and more businesses are switching from outdated, experience-based marketing and advertising to science-based Neuromarketing. Over the past decade, Amazon, Google, Coca-Cola, BMW, and many highly successful companies have developed new ways to persuade their customers to buy. How? They have applied Neuromarketing research to understand consumer behavior. Their growth has been tremendous.

Drive up Your Sales with Neuroscience

Since 2010, Dr. Wu has been consulting with clients in a wide range of industries to improve their sales and marketing. His Neuroscience-powered approach has empowered his clients to become highly competitive while avoiding wasteful spending. Here are the most requested consulting services.

Major corporations, including Amazon, Google, and Facebook, have huge budgets and large amounts of data. They can afford sophisticated testing to understand their customer behaviors. If you own a small or midsize company, it is not practical to conduct expensive tests. Dr. Wu offers a complete spectrum of consulting services. He can help your business turbocharge its marketing using Neuroscience insights.

More Neuroscience Sales and Marketing Consulting

Each business is unique. There is no one-size-fits-all formula for Neuromarketing. Dr. Wu provides these additional consulting services to increase your bottom line.

Customized Neuromarketing Consulting

Take advantage of this new way of marketing that wildly successful companies use. Dr. Terry Wu offers a complete menu of science-based consulting services. He gives recommendations that can help you optimize your entire marketing campaign. He also provides ongoing consulting contracts that let you call on our experts to evaluate and make recommendations for future marketing efforts. Let him help your marketing team understand the Neuroscience of marketing.

Dan Prosser The thing that most intrigued me about Dr. Terry Wu from the moment I first met him is his passion and his wisdom, gained by 30+ years of work in the field of Neuroscience. For over 16 years, he has been applying his deep understanding of the brain in every aspect of his company’s marketing services – Neuromarketing. He can drive up your sales and marketing ROI by using the latest science. ~ Dan Prosser, Business Leader, Best-Selling Author and President of Sales and Marketing Executives
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