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Neuromarketing Consulting Services

Is your marketing highly effective? Amazon, Google, Twitter and many companies have shown a new way to persuade their customers. How? They have applied neuroscience research on consumer behavior to all aspects of their consumer-focused presence over the past decade. Their growth has been tremendous.

Neuromarketing Consulting Service

As the only Neuromarketing firm in the Midwest, our goal is to help you understand why neuroscience-powered sales and marketing are essential to boost your bottom line.

You may have heard more and more about Neuromarketing. Here, you’ll find the information about this new approach to marketing.

You’ll understand why Amazon discovered that speeding up their website performance by just 1/10 of a second boosted their sales by $1.7 billion. You’ll learn how a tiny change of color on Google ad links produced a $200 million increase in annual revenues.

Drive up Your Revenues with Neuroscience

Major corporations are hiring Neuromarketers to direct their marketing campaigns. Amazon, Google and Facebook can test minor changes in their presentations quickly, due to its enormous traffic. If you own a small or midsize company, it is not practical to conduct expensive tests. Our firm offers a complete spectrum of consulting services. We can help your business turbocharge its marketing using science.

$3,765 Introductory Consulting Package – We will make an in-depth evaluation of your marketing. We will make 6 actionable recommendations for your marketing campaigns.

Customized Neuromarketing Consulting

Take advantage of this new way of marketing that wildly successful companies are using. Our company offers a complete menu of science-based consulting services. They start with our introductory $1,765 package. Graduate to full-scale evaluations and recommendations that can help you optimize your entire marketing program. We also offer ongoing consulting contracts that let you call on our experts to evaluate and make recommendations for future marketing efforts. Let us help your marketing team understand the neuroscience of marketing. Your bottom line will show you the results.

Neuromarketing Conversion Optimization Minneapolis St Paul MN “For over 15 years, Dr. Wu has been applying his deep understanding of the brain in every aspect of his company’s marketing services – Neuromarketing.” Dan Prosser, Legendary Business Leader, Best-Selling Author and President of Sales and Marketing Executives
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