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Confirmation Bias – We Believe What We Believe

What do your customers believe? Of all the cognitive biases, the most persistent is the confirmation bias. Even in the 1960s, researchers knew that people tended to trust information that confirmed their fixed beliefs. They also rejected information that did the opposite.

Confirmation Bias Neuromarketing

The longer a belief is held, the harder it is to change. Confirmation bias affects everything from politics to purchase decisions. In marketing, the most obvious thing affected by confirmation biases is branding. People are fiercely loyal to brands they are familiar with. Marketers know it’s difficult to convince people to try something different. It’s not impossible, though.

Neuromarketing – Uncovering How Consumers Decide

Understanding how the human brain works is Neuromarketing’s focus. By applying that knowledge to web design and content, brain-aware concepts make your entire marketing attract, retain, educate and convert people better than traditional strategies. Neuromarketers study confirmation bias and other cognitive biases. They use the latest research to create more effective sales tools. Whether you focus on the same people your competitors target or on a unique niche market, Neuromarketing gives you an edge you can take to the bank. How you sell is more important that what you sell. Contact us for a free evaluation of your current marketing and for fresh, new ideas that will help you compete.

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