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The Science of Color in Marketing

We see colors around us all the time, but do we consciously pay attention to them? Our brains have many hidden associations with color. Very often, those associations are beneath our awareness, but they have a strong impact on our decisions and emotions.

Neuroscience Marketing Speaker

Studies from both Neuroscience and Psychology have uncovered many practical insights on choosing the right colors to boost sales and improve marketing for businesses. In sports, a team’s uniform colors can be a significant factor in determining winning or losing.

Keynote Speaker on the Science of Color in Business

Science of Color in Marketing Advertising

As a renowned Neuroscientist and a Keynote Speaker, Dr. Terry Wu speaks about the science of color and its application in business and sports. He helps his audience understand the importance of choosing the right color. In his talk, “Choose Your Winning Color,” he will share with you many stories and research studies on how color influences our taste, our cognition and our emotions. Understanding those influences can make or break a business, or shape the winning record of a sports team.

Apply Neuroscience to Your Marketing and Advertising

In his 45-minute keynote, you will learn answers to these questions.

Some of the practical takeaways he gives his audience includes.

Many companies have paid a hefty price because they didn’t understand the science of color. In contrast, some companies have increased their revenues dramatically because they knew the importance of color. Learn from their past failures and successes.

Choose the Right Colors for Marketing and Advertising – Should you go with your or your designer’s personal preferences? Do you know how color influences your customers’ emotions unconsciously?
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