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The Science of Color in Marketing and Advertising

Dr. Wu explains the impact of color on business bottom lines and how to make the right choices to win more customers.

We always see colors around us, but do we consciously pay attention to them? Our brains have many hidden associations with color. Very often, those associations are beneath our awareness, but they have a substantial impact on our decisions and emotions.

Color influences consumers’ buying behavior. Billions of dollars got flushed down the drain because of wrong color choices by businesses in all industries.

For example, when we think of light beer, we associate it with pale yellow. In 1993, Miller Brewing Company launched its infamous “Miller Clear,” a colorless beer. It was a marketing disaster because it broke the hidden association in consumers’ minds.

Keynote: Choose Your Winning Color

Studies from both Neuroscience and Psychology have uncovered many practical insights into how color affects what we like and what we buy. In business, choosing the right colors boosts sales and improves marketing. However, color is highly complicated. The human eye can see millions of them.

Picking the right one out of millions is like playing the lottery. Your chance of winning is near zero if you follow fads or your personal preference.

In this entertaining, informative keynote, you will see what science has discovered about the impacts of color on our perceptions, emotions, and decisions. Understanding those influences can make or break a business. You will hear fascinating stories and interesting research studies relevant to every business.

Learning Objectives ~ Get answers to:

Don’t repeat the mistakes made by so many businesses. Learn how to make intelligent choices by following science.

Actionable Takeaways ~ Gain insights into:

Toni McQuilke Terry opened the second day at the COLOR22 Conference with his keynote titled ‘Choose Your Winning Color,’ which explored the ways that color impacts every decision we make. Color influences our perceptions of the world around us, even to the point of altering what we smell and taste. Terry gave many real-world examples of how businesses made their color choices for both products and packaging. He also explained the science behind right and wrong color choices. It was an extremely fascinating keynote that the audience couldn’t stop talking about afterward! ~ Toni McQuilken, Senior Editor, Printing Impressions
Science of Color in Marketing Advertising

Science of Color Keynote Speaker

Many companies have paid a hefty price because they didn’t understand the Science of Color. In contrast, some companies have increased their revenues dramatically because they made the right choices by following science. Learn from their past failures and successes.

As a renowned Neuroscientist and a Keynote Speaker, Dr. Terry Wu informs his audiences about the science of color and its application in business.

In his Neuromarketing research, Dr. Wu realized that color plays a vital role in influencing consumers’ buying decisions, and choosing the wrong color in business is very expensive. He helps his clients make the right color choices by harnessing the power of science. Through public speaking, he inspires his audiences to better understand the impact of color on human perceptions, emotions, and decisions.

Neuroscience of Color  Keynote Speaker
Joe Marin Dr. Terry Wu’s keynote presentation at our COLOR22 Conference was truly a highlight with the audience. Terry’s style is fun and entertaining as he incorporates excellent visuals, stories, and anecdotes to back up scientific research and real data. The audience responded extremely positively to his presentation as we kept getting positive feedback weeks after the conference. I would wholeheartedly recommend Terry to any conference coordinator looking for a solid keynote to anchor their conference! ~ Joe Marin, Senior Vice President, Education and Training, PRINTING United Alliance, Organizer of COLOR22 Conference
Choose the Right Colors for Marketing and Advertising – Should you go with your or your designer’s personal preferences? Do you know how color influences your customers’ emotions unconsciously?
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