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How Cognitive Biases Affect Marketing

Do your customers use logic and reason to make decisions? Does the unconscious brain make errors? Can you make your marketing more effective by recognizing those errors?

Cognitive Biases Neuromarketing

The answers might surprise you. Almost all decisions to buy are made quickly and often irrationally by the fast-thinking, emotional part of the brain. Neuroscience research shows that errors in thinking are often the deciding factor. A cognitive bias is a tendency to make fast decisions based on emotional or intuitive responses, instead of logic and reasoning.

Experimental Research Tells the Story

In a study in the Huettel Lab at Duke University, subjects in two groups were each given $20. Then, they were presented with two options. The first group could choose to:

The second group got different choices:

If you think about it, both scenarios have the same outcome. But, in the first group, more chose to keep half. In the second group, more chose to take the gamble. Subjects could keep $10 or lose $10. Those who saw the word “lose” were more prone to gamble. Their reactions were driven by their emotional reaction to losing, not logic.

Cognitive Biases Affect Decision-Making

That simple experiment shows that people often make choices quickly. We can be led toward a specific decision by memories, fixed ideas, first impressions, what others have done, or many other factors. Neuroscientists and behavioral scientists have studied this phenomenon. What they learned has enormous implications in many areas of life. In marketing, understanding why people decide can be the difference between success and failure. Here are some recognized cognitive biases that affect decision-making.

Neuromarketing – Understanding of Decision-Making

Get a handle on all the ways people think when they make decisions. Neuromarketing helps make websites and other online marketing more effective. That’s why we’re providing information on cognitive biases here. We’ll be linking to new pages regularly on the topics listed above, as well as explaining other erroneous tendencies and thinking flaws of the brain. Through stories and examples, we’ll help you understand how to improve your strategies to increase sales and boost your conversion rate. Contact us for a free, in-depth analysis and price quotes on our proven Neuromarketing services.

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