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How Common Cognitive Biases Affect Marketing

The human brain evolved for efficiency, but not accuracy. When we think fast, we tend to introduce errors and biases, which affect how we make buying decisions.

Here is a question: Susan’s mother has 4 daughters. Three of their names are April, May, and June. What is the last daughter’s name?

Neuromarketing Cognitive Biases

If you ask 10 people, about 8 of them will tell you that the last daughter’s name is July. But her name is Susan. The fast-thinking brain sees a simple pattern and jumps to a conclusion right away. However, if you think logically, it is not hard to tell that the last daughter’s name is Susan.

Cognitive Biases Affect Decision-Making

This example shows that people often make decisions quickly. The brain looks for simple patterns while missing the whole picture. Fast thinking often leads to making errors. Neuroscientists and behavioral scientists have studied these tendencies extensively. What they learned is that cognitive biases have a strong impact on consumers’ buying decisions. In sales and marketing, understanding why people decide can be the difference between success and failure. Here are some recognized cognitive biases that affect decision-making.

Neuromarketing – Understanding of Decision-Making

Get a handle on all the ways people think when they make decisions. Neuromarketing helps make websites and other online marketing more effective. That’s why we’re providing information on cognitive biases here. We’ll be linking to new pages regularly on the topics listed above, as well as explaining other erroneous tendencies and thinking flaws of the brain. Through stories and examples, we’ll help you understand how to improve your sales and marketing to increase your revenues and boost your conversion.

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