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How Amazon Applies Neuro Web Design

How can Amazon help you grow your sales? How can you take advantage of their massive research of consumer decisions? Can your own web design apply some of Amazon’s elements? Start by looking closely at the part of Amazon’s home page that appears without scrolling:

Amazon Neuro Web Design

First, notice the simple graphical nature of the design. Images quickly capture and hold visitors’ attention. What’s at the top of the screen? Not a huge logo or image. Instead, there’s a search bar to meet each customer’s search intent. Next is personalization. The customer’s name appears three times. Amazon identifies the customer and displays a recent purchase and shows something the customer has recently viewed.

Personalized Design for Customer Retention

Neuromarketing research shows that establishing a personal knowledge with a customer is a powerful retention and motivation tool.

Almost everything on the page is personalized for each unique visitor.

There’s also a clickable slide show, a reminder of FREE shipping, and links to departments. Most returning customers will either click one of the personalized boxes or search for what they want. If they scroll down, though, they’ll find more personalized content.

Neuro Web Design for Effective Marketing

Amazon has a huge team of specialists always working to test and improve its neuro designs. Among the team members are neuroscientists and neuromarketers. Assembling such a group of professionals is impossible for smaller businesses. Typical web design and online marketing companies don’t have highly sought-after neuromarketers. To make neuroscience guided marketing work for you, you need a company that is led by a neuroscientist and is staffed with designers, content writers and marketing specialists who understand and use neuroscience research daily.

We are the only Neuromarketing company in the Midwest that specializes applying neuroscience to marketing. Contact us today for a thorough evaluation of your current a consultation. We’ll show you how we can give your business results like Amazon’s, but on a smaller, more cost-effective scale.

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