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The Neuroscience of Sales and Marketing

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95% of consumers’ buying decisions are driven by unconscious emotions and feelings. Neuromarketing provides Neuroscience-based tools to create and deliver a positive emotional experience that your customers enjoy. You can drive up your sales by harnessing the power of science.

2+ million people around the world have learned Dr. Terry Wu’s insights into consumers’ decision-making from his Big Think program, TED Talk, and CNBC interview.
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In 1999, two university researchers conducted a study at a wine store to see if in-store music could change shoppers’ wine selections. Their findings surprised everyone.

On the days when French music was played, French wines outsold German wines by 3 times. On the days when German music was played, German wines outsold French wines by 3 times.

Here is the kicker. 90% of the shoppers surveyed after purchase said that they were unaware of the background music.

This study illustrates how important the unconscious mind is in shoppers’ decision-making. Contrary to our long-held belief that consumers rely on reason and logic for their buying decisions, we now know that intuition and emotion play a much more important role than previously thought.

450,000+ people have watched Dr. Wu’s 17-minute TED Talk on Neuromarketing.
Are your sales numbers declining? You are looking for more reliable and cost-effective ways to increase sales. Your past experience has been hit-and-miss because it wasn’t guided by science. Now, we apply Neuroscience to better understand your customers’ decisions. With our scientific approach, we can double, triple or quadruple your sales and marketing conversion.

Neuromarketing enables you to tap into the power of the unconscious mind to better persuade your customers. More importantly, Neuromarketing guides you to create an outstanding, emotional experience that your customers love to pay for. Some of the most successful companies, including Google, Microsoft, Disney, Coca Cola and Hyundai, have employed Neuromarketing to drive up their revenues.

Hillary Feder Terry Wu’s depth of knowledge in the area of Neuromarketing is incredible. Terry shares his expertise from a strategic approach and with a healthy dose of common sense ensuring his insight is immediately understandable and applicable. Terry’s presentation style is down-to-earth and engaging. The depth of his knowledge and confidence in his subject matter shine through. ~ Hillary Feder, President of Hillary’s and Host of Business Leaders Forum

Neuroscience Helps Understand Consumer Behavior

Neuroscience investigates how the brain works. When applied to marketing, it tries to find out how the brain makes buying decisions.

Dr. Terry Wu, a renowned Neuroscientist and speaker, has spoken internationally about how to empower sales and marketing with Neuroscience.
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Today, brain imaging technology lets researchers look at brain activity in real time. Now, what parts of the brain are activated by a wide range of stimuli can be viewed and analyzed. Neuroscientists can even watch brain activity as individuals actively make decisions or experience a product. What we have learned is that consumers often make decisions without their conscious awareness.

Neuromarketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Marketing aims at getting consumers to make buying decisions. Understanding that decision-making process has always been a hit-or-miss proposition. Traditional marketing is founded on 2 flawed assumptions. One assumption is that consumers make conscious decisions based on reason and logic. Another assumption is the consumers can always recall why they bought what they bought.

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Market research has been relying on focus group studies, consumer surveys and consumer interviews. Such research often produces misleading information about consumer behavior.

Consumers often fail to recall why they bought what they bought because they made those decisions unconsciously.

When asked by market researchers, consumers simply make up some reasons. The misleading information resulting from traditional market research has led to many costly marketing and advertising disasters.

During the past 2-3 decades, Neuroscience research has yielded surprising insights into how consumers make buying decisions. We know that consumers make about 95% of their decisions unconsciously without their awareness. Emotions, feelings and intuition have a strong influence on their buying behavior.

Understanding of consumer behavior based on Neuroscience has given birth to the emerging field of Neuromarketing. This new science of consumer decision is turning the world of advertising and marketing upside down.

Harness the Power of Neuromarketing

Since its introduction, Neuromarketing has helped businesses of all sizes sell their products and services with maximum effectiveness.

Outsmart Your Competition

We are a premier Neuromarketing service company in the U.S., led by Dr. Terry Wu. Dr. Wu studied neuroscience at Duke University and Vanderbilt University. He earned his Ph.D. in neuroscience at Vanderbilt University in 1998. He leads a group of seasoned Neuromarketers to apply Neuromarketing techniques in helping clients achieve maximum results. We want to help you understand how this new scientific approach can empower your business.

Ryan O'Neill For over 13 years now, Terry has shown he is someone who genuinely cares about each of his clients. And he always goes above and beyond to provide simply outstanding services. You will be so impressed with Terry and his company. His level of business “smarts” will help continue to elevate you and your business as well. Our team benefits tremendously from the work of Terry and his team. And I strongly encourage you to reach out to him and his company. ~ Ryan O’Neill, President, #1 REMAX Real Estate Team in USA

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