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Apply Neuroscience to Boost Sales and Marketing

Dr. Terry Wu teaches salespeople and marketers the Neuroscience of Why Customers Buy to achieve more success through his engaging and entertaining workshops and keynotes.

The sales and marketing world is plagued with hype, empty promises, and misinformation. Most so-called insights come from unverifiable anecdotes and made-up stories. Trainers and speakers keep spinning the same old content and fabricating new stories. There is little evidence that anecdote-based teachings produce desired outcomes. Salespeople wind up going through training after training but still don’t have any solid skills.

Anecdotes and stories offer little value in learning how to sell because lessons from them are situational at best.

They are impossible to interpret. Many invisible factors likely contribute to the outcomes. Each sales situation is unique, and each buyer is different. What works in one situation may fail miserably in another.

Neuroscience reveals that consumers make decisions in highly predictable ways. Many subtle influences can make a big difference in shaping their choices.
Neuroscience Sales Leadership Speaker Dr. Terry Wu

Dr. Terry Wu brings the Neuroscience of Human Decisions to sales and marketing training to equip salespeople and marketers with proven tools that work reliably and predictably. He applies the Neuroscience of Sales and Marketing in his consulting service to give his clients a competitive advantage.

Hillary Feder Terry Wu’s depth of knowledge in the area of Neuromarketing is incredible. Terry shares his expertise from a strategic approach and with a healthy dose of common sense, ensuring his insight is immediately understandable and applicable. Terry’s presentation style is down-to-earth and engaging. The depth of his knowledge and confidence in his subject matter shines through. ~ Hillary Feder, President of Hillary’s and Host of Business Leaders Forum

Apply Neuroscience to Enhance Leadership

Not surprisingly, the leadership world is heavily polluted with baseless claims, wishful thinking, and fake stories.

Chasing the latest fad has become a fad. For example, most leadership training programs start with finding the elusive Why for participants. Flushing out the Why has turned into a virtual signaling contest but nothing else. Participants often feel pressured to make up a phony one to go along with the program. It doesn’t make anyone a better leader. It is a popular get-rich-quick scheme for clueless leadership trainers and speakers.

The leadership training and development industry has an endless supply of stories and even fictitious fables.

Have we learned any profound lessons from storytelling? Con artists like Elizabeth Holmes and Sam Bankman-Fried climbed to the top by selling fiction. The leadership industry did its fair share in promoting those con artists to stardom by letting them grace the main stage of the most prestigious conferences and events.

Leadership trainers and speakers focus on How Leaders Should Lead but not Why People Follow.

They go through a long list of skills, such as communication, trust, empathy, and authenticity. If one skill is hot on the market, everyone starts talking about it. When the word “vulnerability” hit the mainstream, an army of speakers and trainers thought they just found a new gold mine.

Neuroscience-Driven Sales and Leadership Training

Dr. Terry Wu has revamped sales and leadership training by teaching the Neuroscience of Why Consumers Buy and Why People Follow. Gone are the days when rare anecdotes and made-up stories filled the curriculums. For the first time, salespeople, marketers, and leaders can apply science to enhance their skills. Neuroscience is no longer out of reach for non-neuroscientists. Dr. Wu makes science understandable, relatable, and actionable.

Dr. Terry Wu ~ Sales and Leadership Speaker

Half a Million+ people have watched Dr. Wu’s 17-minute TED Talk on Neuromarketing.

Dr. Terry Wu provides a groundbreaking sales, marketing, and leadership approach. He has uncovered new scientific insights into why people buy and follow. His knowledge helps explain and predict human behaviors regarding buying, leading, and following. Best of all, Dr. Wu has made complex science relatable and actionable to non-scientists. Salespeople, marketers, and leaders can rely on the science of human behavior to produce successful and predictable outcomes.

Most sales trainers and leadership speakers offer nothing more than pep talks with little substance. Traditional methodologies have become irrelevant in the age of our advancing understanding of the brain. Don’t wait until your competitors know what Dr. Wu teaches. Reach out to him and let him demonstrate a new way to sell and lead.

Ryan O'Neill For over 13 years now, Terry has shown he is someone who genuinely cares about each of his clients. And he always goes above and beyond to provide simply outstanding services. You will be so impressed with Terry and his company. His level of business “smarts” will help continue to elevate you and your business as well. Our team benefits tremendously from the work of Terry and his team. And I strongly encourage you to reach out to him and his company. ~ Ryan O’Neill, President, #1 REMAX Real Estate Team in USA

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